Chapter 26: Cato

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I lead Clove to the meeting room as she hums the Pack Song. I smile down at her thinking about the first time I ever heard her sing it. We were in the Career Academy it was only her first week. I was sitting with my friends as she sang the song to her old friend.

"Are you ready Clove?" Plutarch asks as he leads us to an elevator. She nods holding a small paper in her hands. She fiddles with the corners and I hold her waist tightly and she sighs. We walk into a small corridor and Plutarch opens a small door-hatch to the actual outside. I breathe in the fresh air and start to feel giddy.

"Clove, I'm Cressida" A woman with a half shaved head says shaking Clove's hand. I smile to her and she leads Clove to the center where 3 cameras are facing the center. Clove stands in the center and I watch as they put on some make-up and she looks at them nervously.

"Okay Clove if you want you can introduce yourself but you don't have to" Cressida says holding a camera up to Clove. Clove looks nervously at me but turns back to the camera.

"Citizens of Panem" she starts officially "I want to sing you a song, to unify the Districts against the cruel Capitol" she looks nervously and starts to hum.

"We are the mutts. Mutts from the Capitol. The Capitol never cared. Cared for our wounds. Wounds that they caused. Caused us great pain. Pain in our hearts. Hearts can't be fixed" she sings well for her size, not surprising, just. Wow. "Fixed with a whip. Whipped and burned. Burned and drowned. Drown in our sorrows. Sorrows from our patrons. Patrons used our bodies. Bodies, we had no control. Control we will take. Take back from the Capitol. The Capitol's mutts. " she finishes strongly and I run to hug her. She laughs and breathes heavily.

"That was beautiful" I say holding her tightly. Everyone nods and she blushes. I pull her head to me and kiss her sweetly. She smiles in the kiss and we split to breath. Cressida watches us weirdly, like she's never seen physical attraction and Clove smiles.

"Okay" Cressida says awkwardly "Clove we need to speak to you in private" I look at her bitterly and Plutarch grabs my arm. I struggle while 2 other men grab me and drag me back into 13.

I sit impatiently tapping my foot for what feels like hours.

"Cato you need to calm down" Plutarch says calmly. I look at him bitterly and he looks down "They needed to talk to her and they thought she would be more comfortable without you" I sigh. I wait a while longer and decide to leave for my room.

"I have to go to my room" I say bitterly, Plutarch nods and I walk out. I walk slowly to Clove's room and open her door. Dagger runs up to me and wags her tail playfully.

"Sorry Dagger" I say patting her back "Clove will come soon" I say "Hopefully" I mutter. Dagger tilts her head and looks confused. I sit on Cloves bed and Dagger jumps up next to me.

Is Clove okay? What are they asking her? Is there something I don't know? I ask myself these questions and finally I fall asleep.

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