seven: you're going to wish

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That morning, the morning of the Hogsmeade trip, Ginny woke up bright and early. She would've asked Hermione to help her get ready, usually, but no way would she help Ginny get ready for a date with Draco.

Instead, she asked Parvati to help her. That girl, she didn't care that she was going out with Draco. In fact, it only made her more excited.

"Okay, Ginny." Parvati said, "What kind of look are you going for?" Ginny shrugged, sort of bashful. "Go crazy."

Parvati smiled, clapping her hands together in excitement. She sent Ginny into the bathroom to have a shower, and then made her sit down - hair still wet. "Your hair is beautiful, so curly," she threaded her hands through the red curls. "Let's leave it like this, with a little improvement." She waved her wand, and her hair shone, as if the sun was permanently on it. The spell also added far more volume to her hair. She gasped, in awe.

"Perfect." Parvati set down her wand, and rubbed her hands together. "Now, outfit time!" Parvati stirred Ginny to the wardrobe. She rifled through it, and made Ginny try on every outfit under the sun.

Eventually, she settled on a forest green knitted  sweater, that was off the shoulders, and jeans that hung on her hips perfectly. She put on a necklace with a 'G' on it, and small hoop earrings. She put on some boots, and she was done.

"Merlin, Ginny you look gorgeous! You are going to knock this out of the park."
"You think so?" She said, fiddling.
Parvati pulled her in for a quick hug and said, "I know so."

She smiled gratefully at her friend, and grabbed her side purse. Waving, she left Gryffindor tower and made her way outside of Hogwarts. She saw his platinum hair flowing in the air, and she smiled. He turned around and looked at straight at her, and softly smiled. He waved, almost unsure in a way that was unusual for Draco Malfoy.

She walked over to him, and said, "Hey."
Draco replied, in the exact same way, "Hey." They looked at each other for a long time, taking each other in. He was wearing a grey shirt, that looked similar to his eyes, and he wore black jeans. Over the top, he wore a black jacket, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

Finally, Draco spoke. "You look ... beautiful."
"Thanks," she smiled, "You look handsome. The muggle clothes really add to it." He chuckled. "Ironic, isn't it?" He held out his arm, and she took it gratefully.

They descended the steps of Hogwarts, and walked to Hogsmeade. They walked around, his arm around her, going to various different shops. They went to Honeydukes first, picking out varied amounts of sweets. She picked up a Chocolate Frog, and he smiled, as he picked up several more and put them in their basket.

"Let's get some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans."
"Never had them." Ginny gaped.
"What? Can you blame me? Have you seen some of those disgusting flavours?" He wrinkled his nose. "That's the appeal, Draco! It's kind of the whole point." She grabbed 3, chucking them in the basket, with a pointed glare at Draco that he understood as you are going to eat this, no matter what.

"Whatever you say, Gin." He smirked. They continued to put a bunch of sweets: jelly slugs, liquorice wands, chocolate cauldrons, acid pops etc.
Next, they went to the Three Broomsticks. They went and sat down, calling over Madam Rosmerta.
"Could we get two butterbeers, please? One for the lady, and I." He smiled, charmingly, and Madam Rosmerta nodded.
Ginny rolled her eyes, but she reached over to grab his hand. He kissed it, and they talked as they waited for their drinks.

Eventually, once they'd finished their drinks, and left the Three Broomsticks, they agreed to make one more stop. Zonko's.

They'd managed to avoid the Golden Trio thus far, so they'd weren't too worried. "Oh yeah, I forgot."
Draco furrowed his eyebrows. "Harry asked me out to Hogsmeade yesterday." His head snapped in her direction. "And you said no?"
She laughed. "Of course I did, you great big idiot! I wouldn't be with you right now, would I?" Most of the tension seemed to drain out of him then, but he wrapped his arm around her waist protectively.

"I don't care, Gin, he is not stealing my girl."
"Your girl, huh?" She nudged him in the ribs. He threaded his hands through hers, and smirked. "Of course." Without breaking eye contact, she said, "What if I want to be his girl?" He only smiled, used to her antics. "You wouldn't be with me right now then, would you?"

She giggled as he quoted her. "Now," he grinned, mischief glinting in his eyes, "let's go to Zonko's." She smiled.
They walked in and they immediately went to grab some Sugar Quills. They were Ginny's favourite, so Draco knew she'd want them.

Draco froze, and she shook him. "What's wrong ,Drake?" She followed where he was looking. And she finally noticed the Golden Trio. They were standing around, Ron holding a Dungbomb. She could hear Hermione saying, "Ronald Billius Weasley, don't you dare!" Ron only smiled, and grabbed a couple more.

She laid a hand on Draco's arm, and his eyes seemed panicked. "Let's go, Draco," she whispered. They went to the counter, and bought a bunch of Sugar Quills. Then, they left, carefully, as to not alert anyone - particularly the three Gryffindors in the corner - of their presence.

They walked back to the castle, and Draco was the perfect gentleman the whole time, leading her to Gryffindor Tower, kissing her hand, kissing her and then leaving. She smiled as she made her way to her bed, lying down and dreaming. Dreaming of him. She liked him, a lot. It was a great day, she enjoyed herself more than she'd ever had.


Unbeknownst to them, someone had been watching them, the whole day. She's all over my Draco, she thought, not for long. She smirked, You better watch your back, Ginny Weasley. You're going to wish you never spoke to Draco in the first place.


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