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"Just breathe," someone would tell me. "If you do that everything will be fine."


Every time I breathed in air I would just cause even worse damage on myself and everyone around me.

The good thing now, though? I am not putting any hurt or pain on anyone anymore. That ended a long, long time ago. The people I loved grew old and had amazing lives without me, all passing away nearly a century ago.

The only thing keeping me around is him; the boy who can see me.

Hi everyone! So yes, new story.

Bad Nikki for posting it without finishing her other books! Oh well, haha.

First off, this story idea came from one of my good friends on the website, Megan aka xBeautyRisesx or humored whatever you know her as, haha.

Second, the reason I'm posting this is because I just, I already have the whole story planned out! Like, the ending and everything and I just.

I can't wait!

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