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Alrighty prankstas, this is my first book so please bear with me, and don't worry, Conner and Travis Stoll are a big part of it 😜
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Percy POV

"C'mon that's not fair!" Alpha said

"Apparently, to the rules, yes it is," I replied while smirking. Just then our father, Chaos, came into the room. He was so kind and generous, I could imagine him as a desk employee. Although one thing worried me. I sensed nervous. Father, in the past 10,000 Chaos years, hasn't been nervous once. (10 Earth years) The only exception being when he asked me to become his son, in which I had replied 'yes' to with no hesitation.

"Can I please talk to you in private Omega?" He asked quite calmly.

"Sure, what is it?" I replied, more quickly then I normally should have.

When the words left Chaos' mouth, I nearly fainted. "You need to go back to Earth. Gaea, Tartarus, The Giants, and The Titans are stirring, and they need your help."

"Yes Dad, We will be ready in 20 minutes." I tried to reply casually.

I walked back into the training arena and told everyone we were headed to Earth. There was an Awkward silence that I refused to interrupt. We went to our ship and took off. Just remembering that place gave me goosebumps.



Everyone hated me. Not for the lies I 'said', not for the people I 'killed'. Heck, not even for the 'pain' I caused. The only trust I still had came from Thalia, Nico, and Connor and Travis Stoll.

"Do you still like that Percy guy?" Andrew, my evil brother, inquired to Annabeth. I knew she would say no. She wouldn't love me even if I was dead.

"No, he's too weak now. You, on the other hand, are young and strong. I love you." Annabeth replied cheerfully. My heart shattered as they kissed. Wow is all I could think to say. I was currently hiding behind a tree, so I simply made a fist with the water, and, grabbing Annabeth and Andrew, flung them about a mile into the Atlantic.

I knew they would come back with Andrew and try to kill me, so I told my trusted friends that I was leaving. They met me at the border of Camp and we took off. After about an hour of walking randomly, we were met by Zeus and Hades.

"Demigods, we must talk" Zeus thundered.

"What is it Lord Zeus?" I replied simply

"Everyone at camp has betrayed you, and Chaos, creator of, well, everything, has instructed us to tell you that if you so chose, there are spots available to you on his new Fireteam, Majestic. He believes that you 4 are the most worthy people to lead his team." Hades spoke. Suddenly a portal opened and a man with a dark suit came out.

"Do you accept?" The man asked.

I looked at Thalia, then the Stolls, and we each came to a silent agreement. "Yes Lord Chaos."

Chaos grinned, " Well then we must be going," he ordered. As we stepped through the portal he said, "Oh, and please, call me Chaos." Then, the portal closed.


So what did you think?! Goood? No? Okay I'll try harder

I'll try to update every week if possible.

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