fifty* [s]

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july 30th, 2020


I stand outside the familiar door with a racing heart and an unbearable grin.

I have yet to knock, because I need to catch my breath before I come face to face with my girl after two and a half long, excruciating weeks.

The best part is, Trinity doesn't know I'm here. She thinks I'm arriving tomorrow to spend my final tour-free night with her, but really I'm spending two of my final tour-free nights here with her, and I can only hope she doesn't object. However, something inside me tells me she wouldn't dare.

I clear my throat, finally raising my fist to knock gently on her dark wood door. My gear bag starts to feel heavier on my shoulder purely because I'm so fucking excited to see the love of my life after what feels like half a lifetime.

Before I can comprehend it, the door in front of me swings open and Trinity's standing there absolutely dumbfounded as she gapes at me.

I chuckle at her shocked expression, "Hi baby," I greet softly, watching as a beautiful smile overtakes her features and she's diving straight for me.

"What are you doing? Why didn't you tell me you were coming early? Shawn! I missed you," she cries out in joy as I hold her tightly against my chest and another little giggle tumbles from my lips.

I grab her face in my sizeable hands, pulling her to look at me, "Surprise?"

Trin purses her lips in fake annoyance, playfully punching my bicep but it's all I can do to step inside her apartment and drop my bag to the ground. Her lips part and I'm sure she's about to mutter a teasing comment but I tug her into my arms and press my lips upon hers before she can do so.

I feel the hum she emits when our lips meet and I'm cautiously licking into her mouth sooner than planned. Her hands fall to my arms that settle on her waist and she runs her palms upwards, across my shoulders so that she can grasp my neck. I tilt my head, yearning for her desirable taste and exhaling through my nose deeply when her welcoming tongue folds over my own.

My nose nudges hers as I bend down slightly, my hands finding her ass and I'm picking her up to set her on her small dining table. She gasps against my mouth when my teeth teasingly mess with her lower lip and all I can do is smirk, sucking on her tongue seductively before disconnecting our lips to lean my forehead on hers.

"I missed you," I tell her truthfully, my eyes fluttering open to meet her own mocha ones and she grins.

Her thumbs caress my stubbly cheeks, "My God, Shawn, I can't believe you're here," she breathes happily and I peck her lips once more.

"Mmm," I hum, not able to get enough of her ever-soft lips and kissing her again before saying, "Two whole nights, pretty girl. What're we gonna do, huh?"

Trinity's eyes brighten instantly as a devilish smirk crosses her plump lips. I lick my own, mesmerised by her gorgeous face and the feel of her wonderful body in my hands. Her arms slide further around my neck and she pulls me impossibly closer so that our lips are ghosting over one another's.

"I've a few ideas in mind," she whispers tauntingly and I almost groan at the seduction dripping from her voice.

"Oh yeah?" I play along, my voice clearly an octave lower and a certain rasp scratching at the edges.

"Mhmm," she mumbles, connecting our lips once more in a staggering kiss.

A deep chuckle rumbles through my throat as our lips mould together. I drag the tip of my tongue along her upper lip slowly and she gladly parts her lips to allow her own tongue to tangle with mine. My hands start roaming her sides comfortingly and her legs wrap around my hips, pulling me right in to her as our middles meet and her hand disappears within my messy curls.

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