Please Don't Go - Chapter 7

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Toby's POV

I embraced (Y/N) in a hug. Then I felt movement, she... hugged me back... I jumped back, tears in my eyes.

"(Y-Y/N)..." I said. "I thought you were..."

"Dead?" She asked, cutting me off as I replied with a nod.

She started to stand up, but quickly retreated when the stab wound came to her. She tried to keep her screams of pain in, but try as she might, a few still came out.

I went through the cabinets, looking for painkillers, or something... Until I finally found a syringe and a small jar of liquid painkillers. 'Her mother must be a nurse...' I thought.

I shuffled over to her. She said in a worried, yet frightened voice, "W-What are you doing?!"

I shushed her and inserted the liquid painkillers in her arm. Eyeless Jack had taught me a few precautions just in case he wasn't there to help someone. (Y/N) winched at the small pain of the needle. Then she started to become drowsy, since the painkillers made the person it is inserted into, very tired. She tried to stay awake, but before she passed out, she muttered something I couldn't hear, so I leaned in closer to listen and heard the words, "Who are you?"

"I-I'm Toby, Ticci T-Toby," I replied. She smiled and kissed me softly on the cheek. I blushed hard and she muttered a 'Thank you' before leaving consciousness and I picked her up bridal style, along with my now broken axe, and walked out of the house with my love in my arms, praying she would be okay.

Sorry for the shortness of my chapters... it happens when you are new to writing!

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