Talk about eye rape...

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Hello painions!!!!! Sorry it has been awhile... Christmas is around the corner and I still have a lot of presents left....


Name: kira Nero

Looks:purple waist length hair, onyx eyes, really skinny, small Acup boobs, fare skin and has big-ish butt

Clothes:has tight black tail coat with navy blue skinnys and ninja flats


Virgin: no

Personality:aggressive, nice to the people she likes, when you get to know her she's pretty shy and gets mad easily but when she gets mad... she gets Mad


I was running around the base frantically searching for deidara, he stole my diary.

"Oh dei-kun~" I sang getting an idea I gasped "Oh no! Don't read that then you'll find out that I have a crush on you..." I gasped again "well shit now you know" I hid a chuckle as I heard a squeal from behind the couch.

I quickly made a clone to walk away as I hid infront of the couch. "Phew, that was a close one un" he stood up and began to read it as I slowly stood up without him knowing. I the swung my leg, round house kicking him in the side.

His eyes widened as he got flung into the wall, throwing the diary in the process. I grabbed it and walked out, but on my way I spat in his hair laughing and ran to my room.

When I got to my room I flopped onto my bed and started to fill in a blank page

"Dear diary,

    Deidara almost read you... I'm glad he didn't though... I don't want anyone to find out that me and itachi are..... a 'thing'..... I mean, I am proud to be his, but.... we can't tell anyone because pain-sama forbids any romance because 'it'll ruin our plans in the akatsuki if we have two love sick people in our base'  yeah well you know what I say to that me... blah!!! Or better yet Bahumbug! Okay well that's it for now... see ya-or write ya later!"

I wrapped it up quickly in my blankets as there Is a knock on my door "come in!!" I yell as the door knob turns and the door slowly slides over my carpeted floor. A head peeks in, "itachi!" I yell once again "you scared me!!" to that he just chuckles and smiles at me "kira... we're going on a mission.... together"

I break into a smile and run to go hug him when I get trapped in his genjutsu, but instead of being tied to a cross, I'm strapped to a bed... I look over to see itachi make his way towards me and hop on top of me immediately attacking my neck, getting my soft spot on first try and biting so hard that I bleed before he licks it up and sucks on that spot for a bit as I continue to moan.

Soon he starts trailing his hands over my waist as I squirm beneath him. He smirkes at me and snakes his hand up my shirt and moving to my back before unclipping my bra with ease and tearing it off, literally, I bit my lip at the new rashes I will have and sighed "that was a new bra, you had to rip it?" I ask already knowing that I wasn't getting a response.

I was quickly removed from my clothes as he took his own off, then, without another second to blink, he was ontop of me. He licks my nipple gently before biting and sucking it harshly. I moaned loudly while arching my back, he then gave my other nipple the same treatment before slowly licking down my stomach and attacked my clit, nipping and licking roughly as I gripped the covers. He shoved his tongue inside and I moan out in surprise tugging on the chains that bind me before finally, they disappear. He sits up and licks his lips while I shove him down on the bed and quickly move my mouth to his growing erection as my eyes widen "holy crap, you're fucking huge" I gape at it as itachi chuckles, "it runs in the uchiha jeans."

I shrug and bring my mouth to the tip before poking it with my tongue as lil'tachi twitches. I lick his length once before taking him all, starting to deep throat half way down and choking a bit before getting used to it and letting my teeth gently skim over it while I continue to suck as much as possible. Soon enough he grips my hair letting me know and I take it out of my mouth before only sucking on the tip as his seed shoots down my throat.

I take it out of my mouth and look up to him breathing heavily while licking my lips and sitting up slowly with only one thought running through my mind... I can't wait till he's pounding into me.... I blink and suddenly I'm back in my first position as he shoves it into me roughly.

I moan loudly and grip onto the sheets as my mind goes blank while he grabs my hips and continues pulling it out, then shoving it in at a fast, but steady pace. I soon get tired of that position and flip us over as I start to ride him. He grabs onto my sides and helps me out as groans escape from his mouth. I dig my nails into his chest letting him know as he nods slightly and flips us around again, except this time he was on his knees on the bed using my bent legs that are up in the air as support as he hit a certain bunch of nerves making him and I cum. Our warm fluids mixing together as we groaned/moan in ecstasy. He rode it out before pulling it out and grabbing my head bringing it down to his dick,

"Suck" and grabbing I looked to him "are we going to do it again?" And his only reply was "only for two years... in this time, outside it'll still be the same day as when I trapped you"


Okay... I think that wad a good place to end this :) see yo people laters!!

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