Outside Your Window

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I'm outside her window, blasting a stereo.
The rain electrocuted the fuck outta my hand,
So I dropped the radio.
It shattered.
She sleeps with one eye open, noticing me, watching her breathing.
Her eyes slam open in a cold sweat, and I'm gone.
I'm outside of her window, blasting a new song.
Some shit that I can't stand, but I know she loves it.
I'm pop/punk.
She's rap/hip-hop.
Nonetheless, I'm outside her window, turning up my car stereo.
I'm standing here like an idiot, begging her to take me back.
She remains in bed, giggling under her covers.
She thinks I'm cute for trying to get her back,
But letting me stand in the rain for an hour is what I deserve.
She caught me cheating with her best friend outside of my window.

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