Wonder (Tails the Fox x Reader)

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"And then Sonic ran up the wall and sprang off, doing a spin dash, but it was all so fast it was kind of a blur. You can probably keep up with him, can't you?"

"Yeah." Tails screwed something onto the Tornado, only half listening to the (a/t) rambling about a scuffle Sonic had had with...he didn't even know and didn't really care. He wasn't exactly the happiest with the hedgehog at the moment. 

"You're not listening." 


"Okay." Tails froze, then whirled around and looked at (Y/n). She eyed him, then sighed. "It's okay. You probably hear about this stuff all the time. I just got so excited that I thought...." She shrugged. "Nevermind." Her face lit up. "I bet Fiona will listen!" She then turned and ran off. Tails opened his mouth, then closed it, his tails drooping. 

The (a/t) was a young new addition to the team, a lot like Tails, at least in age. She was fascinated by Sonic and often liked to watch him fight, but also like Tails, she was really smart. Just fighting alongside the world's favorite hero was a new thing and she was very excitable. It was a sort of childish wonder Tails found he'd been missing out on, but not enough to want to listen to her ramble about Sonic's fights and how Fiona was so nice to her

Tails didn't like those parts of her rants. It seemed like the female fox wanted Tails to start paying attention to (Y/n) so that he would let go of her. And when Sonic talked about the (a/t), that seemed like a very prominent undertone to his conversations about her. It just made the fox want to whap the hedgehog hard across the face with his tails. 

"'Sup, buddy!" Speak of the devil. Tails glanced behind him as Sonic sauntered into the workshop. "How you holding up?" 

"Fine," he said. 

"I saw (Y/n) run out of here earlier. She looked a little sad. Did you say anything to her?" 

"No...." That was true. Tails hadn't really said anything

"Okay," Sonic said, sounding unconvinced. He put his hand on Tails' shoulder. "Well, if you ever need anything, you can just ask. Though, she might be the better option. She totally helped Rotor build a robot yesterday and it's awesome! You should check it out." 

"Maybe later," Tails said, returning to work on his plane. "I have to finish this first." 

"Okay. We're all having dinner at Uncle Chuck's tonight, so don't miss it!" 

"Okay." Tails heard Sonic leave after a small moment of hesitation and let out a breath. Then he straightened and went back to work. 


"Oh, really? That sounds intense!" Fiona said, clasping her hands. (Y/n) nodded. "I mean, he did use one of your creations to help out." 

"Well, it wasn't that good," the (a/t) said, scratching behind her ear. 

"Did Tails hear about this?" 

"I didn't get that far with him." 

"Why not?" 

"I don't think he cares very much?" 

"What? Why?" 

"I don't know. I don't think he likes me. He probably thinks I'm annoying." (Y/n) sighed. "I sometimes think I'm annoying. I may be...smart, like some people tell me, but you only live once and people like Tails, they're sometimes so focused on saving the world and being a hero that they miss out on the things that make life worth living, like the small moments. So I try and treasure those. I try and live my life to the fullest. That's what I noticed in Sonic. That's probably why you like him, right?" Fiona nodded, giving her a small smile. 

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