Part 5

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"You can't seriously mean you're going back!" North groaned.
"I have a plan now, for how to get him to listen!" Markus said as he made his way down the stairs. It was early morning this time, since he apparently had a hard time dealing with Simon at night. ((Shut up I know what ur thinking)).
Markus plan was simple: pin him down and don't let go until he agrees to listen! Shouldn't be that hard, right? Well turns out Simon only shows up at night because Markus couldn't find him ANYWHERE when he finally got there. So he decided to go back and wait.

After a long wait back at the house, the darkness began to fall and Markus decided it was time to go back again. Just as he was about to exit, North called his name. Markus stopped and looked at her as she made her way towards him.
"I... just wanted to wish you good luck.." she said before giving him a quick yet passionate kiss on the lips. When they pulled back, Markus smiled at her before opening the door and exiting the house, heading towards the dump, again.

When he arrived, he immediately saw Simons silhouette (which he had learned to recognize through his very legal observations) as he walked around collecting extra parts, as usual. Markus quietly sneaked up behind him, and before Simon even had time to react, Markus jumped onto his back and pushed him down to the ground. They fought for a while like that, but eventually Markus, who was a lot stronger, won and pinned the blond down so he couldn't move.
"Wow, yea this is absolutely gonna get me to change my mind," Simon said sarcastically as he tried and failed to free his arms from Markus firm grip.
"I just want to talk," Markus pleaded.
"Says every movie-villain ever..." Simon muttered as he kept pulling his arms and kicking his legs as much as he could (which was not much since Markus was sitting on them) in failed attempts to free himself.
"Look, Simon, I know your mad-" Markus started.
"Yea no shit" Simon growled. Markus sighed and started over.
"I know your mad, and I know you probably won't ever forgive me, but please, just listen to me."
Simon sighed, but stopped trying to escape.
"Fine," he said. "But make it quick, and get of me!"
Markus quickly nodded and got of Simon who slowly sat up.
"Well then, Markus, tell me your side of the story."
"W-well I..." he started. Simon looked at him, annoyed, before standing up.
"I'm leaving" he announced, causing Markus to also stand up.
"No wait!" He begged. "I-I just... it's just really hard to explain..!"
"Yea. Because what reasons are there to fucking shoot your friend Markus?" Simon said with an angry expression.
"I'm just-"
"Just listen to yourself Markus! You come here, invading the property of the person you shot a year ago, and even after they tell you to go away, you're still determined to 'explain' yourself, even tho you don't even have anything to say!"
Simon tried walking past Markus, but was stopped by Markus grabbing his arm, pulling him back until their faces was just a few inches away from each other.
"I'm. Sorry." Markus said staring into Simons deep sapphire eyes. "And I'm not leaving until you can understand that. I know it was a dick move and I wish I could go back and undo it, but I can't, so please, please just understand , and I'll never come here again!"
Simon, who had been frozen for the last 10 seconds finally regained his ability to move, quickly pulled his head back, covering the obvious tint of blue on his cheeks.
"You jerk," he muttered. Markus stood up and looked over at Simon, who seemed to have sunk into the ground, because Markus was looking down.
"So do you forgive me or not?"
"Mmm whatever, I'll think about it if you leave," Simon groaned into his hands.Markus smirked at his victory as he made his way over the trash in the dump towards the house.

"There you are!" North whispered/yelled, her hands on her sides, as Markus walked through the door.
"It worked!" Markus cheered, but silently because it was midnight and m were sleeping.
"Oh oh OH! So he forgive you? He's coming back home?!"
"I don't know for sure yet, but he said 'he'll think about it'!"
"Niiiice" North purred ((I said shut up)). She gave him a quick kiss ok the cheek before lightly punching his shoulder.
"Come on, Darling, get some rest now."

Finally! I got the whole "why'd u kill me Markus?" conversation over with! I don't know if u can tell but Ive been avoiding it a little, just a little. Tho Im probably gonna have to do it again, and go into more details... whatever, that's a problem for future Nova

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