Baby Annabelle (Zayn Malik Fanfic!)

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Hi guys! I'm going to attempt to write a new fanfic. I'm gonna try to keep writing chapters, if I can! But here is a sneak peak of 'Baby Annabelle':

Sneak peak of chapter 1: We Meet Again...

"Mama mama!" my 3 year old daughter Annabelle yelled for me as soon as she saw me walk in the doors to pick her up from daycare.

"Hi baby!" I smiled and embraced her into a hug.

I held Annie's hand as we walked out and I put her into her carseat and jumped up front to start my black range rover.

"Annie we have to go grocery shopping are you okay with that?" I asked while looking in the rearview mirror at my 3 year old her long thick black hair was tied into pigtails and her honey brown eyes sparkled, reminding me so much of him.

I'm Athena, 19, single mother with a 3 year old, and it's hard but I try to provide for belle. There's nothing I wouldnt do for her.

"yes mama." she giggled. I smiled.


Zayn's POV


I looked down as a gorgeous little girl ran into me.

"I sorry." she said in what sounded like a bradford accent.

"that's ok hun. Are you ok?" I asked. She was alone, and I wondered where her parents whe-

"Anna- OH MY GOSH! There you are!" I heard a girl voice and looked up as she held the baby in her hands. When her beautiful green eyes met mine, my breathing hitched.



Athena's POV

"Zayn?" I gasped as I looked up.

A/N- hope you liked it! I'll write the real first chappie when I get some time :)

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