Chapter 115

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six months pregnant..


4:15 p.m.

"God, I'm getting so fat!"

Briana was standing in front of the mirror, staring at herself with a frown. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her waist.

"Stop it. You're not fat."

"Blake, stop lying. Look at how big my thighs got and I know you see this extra chin," she said, getting frustrated.

I honestly don't know what she's talking about because it doesn't look like she's gained any weight. Everything about her looks the same except her boobs & stomach, obviously.

"I know you're just tryna spare my feelings, but I need you to be honest," she continued.

"I am being honest. You look perfect, as usual."

"You're lying!"

I sighed, grabbed her hand and walked down the hall to the boys' room.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"We're gonna ask Ford & KJ their opinion."

"Babe, they're just kids."

"Yeah, and everyone knows kids are brutally honest," I said, "boys, can I ask you a question."

They both looked at me attentively and nodded.

"Do you think Briana is getting fat?" I asked bluntly.

"Noooo!" they said together.

"Bweedy not fat, Daddy. Das dah baby," Ford said, making Bri smile.

"Thanks boys," I said as we walked out of their room and downstairs.

"Do you feel better now?" I asked when we got to the front door.


"Good," I said kissing her forehead, "I'll see you later."


I gave her a kiss, then left the house.



7:30 p.m.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Is dah baby a boy or a girl?" Ford asked with his eyebrows knitted together.

"A girl," I chuckled, "do y'all wanna say something to her?"

"She can hear us?!" KJ asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," I chuckled again, "you can tell her anything you want."

"Hi baby sister," Ford said, putting his little hands on my stomach, "you'll like Bweedy."

"Yeah," KJ agreed, "she dah bestest."

I swear to you, these two are gonna kill me with their cuteness.

"Y'all are so sweet," I said, giving them a kiss on the forehead, "do y'all wanna watch a movie?"


"What should we watch?" I asked, even though I already know.

"Teenage Mutan' Ninja Turtlesss!"


I put the movie in and sat on the couch, while the boys sat on the floor.

"Bweedy, where Daddy?"

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