His First Gift

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"Uwaaa, I can't believe I made it back to my room without screaming!"

I just came back from Kiyotaka's room, my heart is still racing and I'm standing up. 

I took a look in the mirror

"Woow, Kei you're such a mess, how are you this red just from one gift???....... I hope he didn't notice how embarrassed I was" 

I started recalling the events of what just happened, and when I did my heart started racing once again, my face was becoming redder with each second passing


I jumped on my bed and hid my face with my pillow

"Kiyotaka you idiot!!! why would you give me a heartshaped necklace??? How clueless can you be???"

Even though I was insulting my beloved Kiyotaka over and over to hide my embarrassment I couldn't hide stop grinning and rolling around my bed 

"hehe........it was his first gift... I'm his first... I'm Kiyotaka's.......aaaaaa"

I could hear my heartbeats and I'm happy about that, this is the definitive proof that I love Kiyotaka more than anyone can imagine

I can't stop smiling, the overwhelming power of love is making me act like a child

"Baka....look what you did to me."

I stared at the small box I received from him, I still can't believe this just happened 

"I wanna wear it now, right now"

Although I previously thought about  wearing it if we go out on a date one day, I changed my mind now 

"I wanna keep you close to my heart at all times, I want this necklace to remind me of you and give me strength at all times" 

I took the necklace out and put the box inside my drawer, even if it's just a box, it contained his first gift so I'm not about to throw it away. 

"Ok maybe this doesn't look so bad on me."

I started looking at myself in different angles, then I imagined a situation where Kiyotaka sees me wearing this in the near future

"Oh you're wearing that necklace?"

"H-huh?  s-so what if I am??"

"Nothing, I just thought it looked nice on you"

Complimenting me with that blank expression of his, it will never make me happy not even in the slightest.... not at all 

I snapped out of my daydreaming sessions only to see my face in the mirror

"Mouuuu, if you're not happy about it then why is your face so red??? Stupid maiden in love!!"

I need to stop thinking about this, or else something bad will happen to my heart I'm sure 

"Haaah, well at least I might be having eggplant-less dreams now that my mind is full with this necklace" 


Author's Note: 

Hello fellow Kei lovers!

I made this one extra short because I wanted to see if anyone even likes my style of writing if you think it was great and you really want me to do more, you can just tell me to write more 

here's my discord  

Doon't forget to Tauwaaaaaa bye bye

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