Chapter 7

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Because it was them, their first date started with sex. Becky told herself that old habits died hard, but because of other commitments, they hadn't seen each other all week and it didn't take much to turn the warm welcoming kiss into an embrace full of grasping, questing hands. "I finally found a cover for that chair," she breathed as Seth tugged her panties and leggings down in one go. She wisely hadn't put on her shoes yet; Seth had barely managed to kick his off at the door and not trip over them.

"Good," Seth replied, kissing her shoulder after she had pulled her tank top over her head. "Have you tried it out yet?" He had her bra down her arms and on the floor in seconds.

"Not yet. I was waiting for you." Becky took longer to pull his shirt free because she liked to linger over his abs.

"Very considerate." Seth let out a low growl. "Unlike skinny jeans," he added with a note of frustration, trying to shove his jeans down.

"Careful. I have plans, you know." Becky pushed him down gently onto her favourite chair and rolled his skinny jeans down his thighs just far enough that they wouldn't be a hindrance. "A whole weekend full of plans."

Seth leaned back against the chair and watched her straddle him, resting his hands lightly on her thighs. "Is there still a date anywhere in those plans?" he teased, breath catching as lowered herself on him.

"Yes." Becky slid both hands into his hair and kissed him deeply, forcing herself to go slow. She did actually have plans that involved being dressed and out of the house, so she didn't want to get too carried away. "But I left some room for . . . spontaneous activities too."

"Is that what we're calling this now?" Seth's low chuckle made her shiver even though the day was already warm and it wasn't even noon. She had originally thought Seth wouldn't make it to Los Angeles until late afternoon, but he managed to find a flight that arrived mid-morning, so she figured a slight deviation from the day's plans was justified. "Spontaneous activity?"

"I know you like a morning workout," Becky replied, pressing closer, "so I didn't want to throw you off your regular schedule too much."

"You know, I don't think this workout is available at my local gym. I should ask about it." Sitting up, Seth bent his head so he could suck on Becky's nipples more easily, and the sudden change of position made her squirm. "You okay?" he asked, bracing her back with both hands.

"Yeah. God, I love riding you." Becky barely even felt herself blush as she said it, which she considered progress. Even when the sex was fast and frantic, that didn't mean feelings didn't have their place too. She picked up her tempo until Seth's breathing was coming faster too. "And this is . . . a very advanced workout," she rasped. "You need the right partner to spot you." Then she smiled, leaning down to kiss him again. "Lucky me."

"Lucky me." Seth climaxed not long after that, dragging his fingers down Becky's back and making her cry out. She slumped against his chest after she came, letting him slide out of her gradually. "Need help cleaning up?" he asked softly.

Becky shook her head. "It's going to be hot out. We'll both need showers later anyway. I'll be quick. You can use the bathroom down here." After quickly collecting her clothes, she hurried to her en suite, rinsed off in the shower, and wrangled her hair into a braid before getting dressed again. It felt weird to put clothes on when her skin was still slightly damp, but the sex was too nice a way to start the day for her to complain. When she made it back to the living room, Seth's clothes were back in place and he was just putting his shoes back on. "So . . . ready for our first date?"

They both laughed, and Seth pulled her close for a kiss after he stood up. "After that workout, I hope the date at least starts with a coffee."

"You read my mind." As big as Los Angeles was, most of Becky's favourite spots were in a relatively small radius, so they took their time and walked from place to place. They were very rarely recognized, especially since most star-seekers in Los Angeles were looking for actors and musicians, not wrestlers; the few fans who did spot them were respectful, smiling and waving from a distance. They had their first coffee in the cafe, using the time to chat. Becky learned that Seth detested mint chocolate, but rather than consider that a knock against him, she decided it just meant more for her. It was strangely fun, swapping silly stories and random facts; since she already knew so much about him and vice versa, the new information added depth—and some surprising highlights—to their mental pictures of each other.

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