Rules & Prizes

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The Rules
•Anything turned in after the deadline will not be accepted.
•You can't just take a full outfit, you have to pair together individual elements.
•Make sure to follow the theme.
•Be a good sport.
•I won't judge until eight people have joined a contest.
•Only one entry per contest per person.
•Have fun!
•I keep track of how many times people have won. If someone wins three times, they can judge a contest with me.
•Comment if you're planning on joining.

The Prizes
1st Place
•60 votes
•A follow
•A shoutout
•Posted in my Outfit Contests Hall of Fame book
•A book of your choice added to my reading list

2nd Place
•40 votes
•A follow
•A shoutout

3rd Place
•20 votes
•A follow

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