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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Twenty Eight

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[a/n] yay finally a new chapter with a kind of decent length. christmas break, so hopefully i have a bit more time to write :) have fun reading :D as always thanks for everything reading etc

Today, Tyler and Josh were going to fly to LA. I hadn’t heard much from either of them, except for a few tweets from both of them, and very few texts from Tyler. It was kind of saddening actually, but luckily there wasn’t much time to be sad.

I pulled on Tyler’s sweater, which he made me take here. He was probably already on the plane, had already landed maybe, so I sent a quick text saying ”I hope you had a good flight :)” Instead of wishing him good luck. After that, I went downstairs. My grandparents were sitting outside on the patio of their gardens, and the doors were opened, so I was greeted with a soft summer breeze floating through the house. The weather was good this morning.

I took a big glass from the cupboard and filled it with mango juice. “Does one of you want something to dri-“ I was cut off by the ringing of the door bell. “Oh. Uh, should I get that?” I yelled toward my grandparents.

“If you could? Please. I think it’s our neighbor or something.” Granddad yelled back. “Yo” I replied, getting a slightly weird look from my grandma who apparently wasn’t used to me using such ‘street language.’

Not really caring how sleepy I still looked, I walked toward the front door, seeing the shape of a pretty tall person through the matted glass. I personally disliked the matted glass, since you can’t really see who is in front of your door, but it’s nice the other way around. Not having everyone be able to look into your house. I opened the door to see a tall man holding a bouquet of flowers, next to a much shorter woman dressed in pink, also smiling. They looked kind of confused when they saw me instead of my grandparents, which should’ve probably been awkward, but instead I found it pretty hilarious. As the tall man took a breath to greet me, I opened the door a little further and greeted them first. “My grandparents re in the backyard, come in. I’m Jenna.” I smiled at them, holding out my hand. They both introduced themselves, then followed me to the backyard where my grandparents were. “Thanks Jenna,” my grandma said, then turned to her visitors, whose names I’d already forgotten. “that’s our granddaughter. Beauty isn’t she?”

It didn’t take long before everyone was talking about whatever, so I went inside and decided to take a shower. When I was done I put on a plain shirt with a skirt, knee socks and a denim jacket. I did my make-up and sent a text to the group chat with Scott, Olivia and Paige. Before clicking the chat, I noticed that Tyler had read the message I sent him, but hadn’t replied yet. I decided to just forget about it and went on to text the others. “Anyone able to hang out today? Grandparents have people over so yeah.” I then proceeded to make myself some breakfast and watch some tv. My grandma walked inside, probably to get coffee or something. She came up to me and kissed my forehead. “sorry, girl. I forgot to tell you they were coming over. I honestly forgot they were coming over in general… Would it be okay if the three of us did something fun tomorrow? Go to the zoo? Or are you too old for that? Just think of something you’d like to do, dear.” She said. I smiled at her and said “Is anyone ever too old to go to the zoo? Sounds fun. And don’t worry, I’ll be okay today. I love you.”

“I love you too. Do we have enough food in the house?” She asked. “Uhm yeah I think so? I could do some groceries if you’d like?” I said, opening the notes app on my phone. Grandma shook her head though, “It’s alright. You go have fun today.”


It was around one in the afternoon and I was walking down the quiet part of the beach. Even though the weather was nice, there was barely anyone at this side of the beach. Maybe it was too windy or perhaps it was going to rain eventually. I sat down near a dune and put my hands in the sand. I was going to meet Paige somewhere up the pier around two, and decided to get some alone time before returning to reality.

As I listened to the sound of the waves throwing themselves onto the beach, my fingers covered with a thin layer of sand and the warmth of the sun on my face, I thought of how good the past few days had been. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be happy about feeling like this, or be even more scared to go home, where everything would just be the same as always. I’d have to go to college, I’d have to face people every single day, I’d have to get more independent, though I’d still have my parents checking on me with every single move I make. I wasn’t even sure what college I’d wanted to go to yet, and being pressured to make decisions surely won’t help me making them. All the happiness from these days would probably vanish before I even went back to school. I closed my eyes and focused on the sound of the waves, trying to drown my thoughts with the water on the sand. It didn’t work as well as I hoped, but at least it worked a little. I grabbed my phone and replied to a few snapchats and then noticed that Tyler had –finally- sent me a text back.

Thanks, the flight was good I think, Josh said we had a lot of turbulence but I slept through most of it. We don’t have a lot to do today, so we’re probably just gonna rest and maybe drive around the city :) thanks for texting.”

Probably the longest text he had ever sent, also probably the most empty text he had ever sent, not really trying to initiate conversation or anything like that. I tried to blame it on the fact that he was probably just tired and started to get up to walk towards where I’d meet Paige. I sighed deeply and put in my headphones, playing some collab between Zedd and Hayley Williams.


Paige came up to me with her dog on a leash. “Sorry, I kind of forgot to walk the dog. But hey, how’re you?” she said as her dog jumped up to me. Even though I wasn’t a huge dog-lover, I loved Paige’s dog. “Hey, I’m pretty good. Do you think she still recognizes me?” I chuckled as I pet the dog over its head. “Looks like it!” Paige smiled. “Macy you still remember Jenna, don’t you?” She said to the dog in a high pitched voice. I laughed at how people just can’t possibly talk to animals with a normal voice, then caught myself talking to Macy in some stupid voice too.

“So Jen, what do you wanna do? We could go to my place, my parents aren’t home or anything or we could go to the park or whatever, but I think it might rain later on.” She said, looking at the sky. “Uh yeah, we could go to your place? Shall I treat us on something to drink first?” I suggested.

We then drove to the nearest starbucks and I got us some tea before we drove to Paige’s house. “So I stalked your social media and found his profile.” She said, teasingly raising her eyebrows.
“Oh gosh you didn’t. You didn’t follow him did you?” –please say you didn’t please say you didn’t please say you didn’t-

“Just his instagram. It’s not like he’d notice, dude. The guy has a lot of followers… Why didn’t you tell us he is in a band?” Paige asked. “Of course I already discussed the matter with Olivia yesterday night. And we both think you should totally go for it. He’s cute and he seems really nice and you guys sent some tweets back and forth and we ship it.

“Are you serious?” I said, my cheeks glowing from shame. “You didn’t just stalk me, you also stalked Tyler. But thanks, I guess. And yeah, he’s in a band, which is pretty awesome to be honest. But seriously, he better not find out you stalked him.”

“He won’t don’t worry. I looked them up on youtube and it was pretty weird.. I mean, not in a bad way, it was good but I didn’t really expect… that kind of music? If it’s even a kind? Plus, that drummer is really hot.” I mentally facepalmed myself at that, and thank goodness we pulled into Paige her driveway so we could shut up about it for at least a few minutes. 

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