Birthday Present

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I don't own anybody. Krystal/Sin is @beautifuldeath101 's OC! :D Don't judge how corny I am... Because I was just eating corn AHAHAHAHHA *R.I.P. iWuvKirby Died of lame jokes* On to the story!


"You do know Krystal's birthday is today, right?"

"Yes, I know," BEN scoffed at Jeff. "She said call her by Sin."

Jeff smirked. Which was difficult to tell since Jeff carved a smile on his cheeks. "What're you gonna do for Krystal?" Jeff asked while twirling his knife. Ignoring the last thing BEN told him. He stared at the knife, it was all covered in blood and had the scent of it. Of course, it would. It's covered in blood. It was full of memories. Jeff set down the knife on the table and raised his eyebrows at BEN.

"Dunno," BEN shrugged. He didn't really planned something big for Sin. He thought it wasn't such a big deal for her. Since it's just the day you were born to the cruel and ugly place. But, it was a big deal to him.

"Gonna do something cheesy?" Jeff asked. Jeff suspected BEN would do something cheesy, since it is Sin. BEN shrugged, "Shut up, I'm trying to do something."

"Doing what?" Jeff asked in curiosity. Jeff looked over BEN's shoulder and saw two pieces of paper. Which one of the pieces of paper was being folded by BEN. BEN stuck his tongue out in concentration. Jeff chuckled, "Sally told you?"

BEN nodded, he folded the paper over. Trying to make the creases so he will make the top part of his special origami. "It looks like shit," Jeff pointed out. The origami was at the beginning of its stage, looking weird, but it still looks beautiful.

BEN sighed and continued folding, "Thanks, you fat dick." Jeff snickered, "I know, I'm 13 inches."

"More like 1.3 inches," BEN shot back. He finished folding the paper and moved on to the second sheet of paper. It was weird and wonderful that BEN still remembered the instructions to fold the certain thing.

"I know you're just jealous of me," Jeff smiled. "Well, I'll leave you to your pussy thing." Jeff picked up his knife and walked to the door. "Gotta kill," Jeff informed while opening the door and walking out. BEN was too focused on the origami, but he heard the door slam.

Now, BEN was at peace with his origami. It was good Sin was out killing right about now. BEN invited her to play video games together. Which is less cheesy than it should be. He did had small feelings about Sin.

But, he wasn't allowed to do romantic things for Sin. Slenderman wouldn't let anybody. Because, love will ruin you. It'll destroy you once again. But, you can't just control who you like.

BEN decided he would do the most cheesiest idea ever when Sin comes back. He suspected no one would celebrate her birthday, like everybody else doesn't celebrates theirs.

He'll just keep it a secret. "Yeah," BEN said to himself. He smiled all to himself while he finished his origami and set it in his room. He set it in a box, which was shaped as a present. He put it in the corner of the room, with that, he set a little hourglass on it. It represented Sin, since an hourglass was on her dress

BEN glanced at the little piece of paper he had on the wall that had Sin's birthday date on it. No wonder Jeff knew her birthday. BEN's focus went back at the little box in the corner. He stared at it for quite sometime and nodded.

Satisfied, he was halfway done with the present. The other half would show up when Sin show up. BEN was ready to go out and do the day's killing.


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