For the most amazing art teacher in the World: thank you

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Today was my art teacher's last day teaching at my school because she's moving:(. She was my favorite teacher and she will be the first thing I think of when people ask about the best part of freshman year, even if I only had her 1 sememster. Thank you, Mrs. Bragg.

Isaiah 64:8
"Yet you, Lord, are our Father.We are the clay, you are the potter;we are all the work of your hand."

Mrs. Bragg's gift is art, and through being an art teacher and helping her students with projects she's impacted our lives, or at least mine. We could rant in that class and if we had a ton of homework we could work on some to releave stress. She understood how we would feel about the intense homework loads and we could talk to her about anything. She is a gift from God.
Saying goodbye today was so hard, and now its hard to think about going to art class after the break without her being there. I know we will see her again, but its hard to think about getting a new teacher halfway through the school year.
Thank you for being an amazing teacher, Mrs. Bragg. I love you.

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