Chapter 2: Should have fed the damn goldfish...Karma

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Chapter 2

Weeks had passed since that fateful day in the Alpha's quarters and things had changed quite a bit in the wolf pack. Many rules had been instituted where only a few had previously existed and the punishment for any beach was strict and unforgiving on the violator.

A few of the older pack members expressed their disapproval at the changes but everyone had to admit, they were effective, in the end our pack would arise stronger and more unified.

Carson was also proving to a a great asset to the pack, his leadership abilities were extraordinary, he ruled with a sharp tongue, a great eye for detail and an intelligence that far surpassed his father's. He was adept at settling any dispute that arose within our pack and he tolerated no form of disrespect to him or his beta. He was harsh but he was fair and so he was respected.

Things had also changed for me, I wasn't bullied as much anymore and I had a feeling the Alpha had had a little talk with the guys. There were still a few who didn't let up though but at least it wasn't as bad as before.

Carson also spoke to me a few times, nothing big mind you, he just tended to make small talk whenever we happened to be near each other, which was quite often now that I had to pair up with him while we hunted. That was also a new rule he had made, all the stronger wolves were expected to hunt with a partner weaker than themself so that they could motivate their partner to work harder.

It didn't surprise me when the Alpha picked me to work with. I supposed it would take a wolf with considerable skill to help me improve.

Now that were were on better speaking terms I had expected the intense 'looks' he had been giving me to stop, but if anything it had gotten worse and so I was always on edge around him.

How could he still hate me? I thought we weremaking progress!

I guess I was wrong.


At lunch I sat listening to Lyla as she droned on and on about the house party tonight, she had been talking about it for weeks now, it was going to be the "Party of the year' I think is how she described it and while I wasn't much of a party goer, I had to admit I was pretty excited. I opened my mouth to add my two cents worth but as usual before I could even get a word in, she changed the subject.

Boy could she talk!

"I swear there are no decent guys in this school! Every one's either, too short, too ugly or complete jerks!" she said throwing her hands up in defeat. Yeah my best friend was a crazy drama queen.

Cliché?... you don't know the half of it..

I felt a warm splash of liquid on my arm, wiping it off in my shirt, I turned to look at Matt who had coughed up the water he had just guzzled.

"Wha'd ya mean there aren't any decent guys? What about me?!" He asked in disbelief.

"What about you?" Lyla asked, clearly confused by his question.

Well is was about to get interesting, I thought, amused by the situation.

Matt's eyes widened as he looked at her as if she had lost a screw and I couldn't help but wonder the same, the girl was nuts, but that's why I loved her, she made me laugh.

Matt's mouth opened and closed a few times as if he wanted to say something but the words wouldn't come out...he reminded me of Gillbert; my pet goldfish.... that I hadn't fed in days...shit.

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