Chapter 2: For One Day

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"Demi wake up, we have to go to the studio." I was shook until I awoke from my deep sleep.

"I don't wanna go!" I covered my head with my pillow and waited for my mom to leave.

Eventually I slunk out of bed, it was five o'clock in the morning. I didn't understand why I needed to sit in a chair and get my hair and makeup done for three hours everyday just to leave the house. It made me so angry.

I wanted to be able to be a normal teenager, I wanted to wear what I wanted and go where I wanted without cameras flashing in my face 24/7.

I can't keep anything away from the media, they know everything. They have destroyed me and taken any part of me that was left away. I was just existing for people's entertainment.

It was the first live show and I was ecstatic. Yeah to see everyone's progression, especially my group....but mainly I wanted to see him. I needed to see him.

He talked about me so meaningfully in an interview my friend showed me. He was just so true and that virus of fame he wants to contract hasn't got to him yet. He's pure and if only he knew the price of being a celebrity maybe he would change his mind.

Wes has tried to message me on everything many times, but I just ignore it. After I saw the boy's performance at judge's house I had made an oath to myself that I would cut my feelings for Wes, even though his voice made me short of breath.

He winked at the camera when he sang the line "Every little thing she does is magic, every little thing she do just turn me on" and I couldn't help but to feel he was talking to me, that he ment for me to see it. I disposed of the thought that I ment anything to him.

I prayed they would go home when Drew messed up at judges house, because then I would never have to see Wesley's face ever again. The torture the suffering, it would all be over. He deserved better than me anyways.

I arrived at the studio later that night right on time, I didn't dare run into any of the boys. It would wound me inside and out. When the video of them played my heart skipped a beat and then they stood in front of me and began to serenade the audience.

Their vocals were harmonizing perfectly together even as they jumped off the platform. I was so proud of them! Keaton even had a solo! At the moment I forgot about my oath and I knew I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't friends with these boys.

I looked away and tried to get in my head I was going to be just friends with Wesley but something didn't register and then without think my mouth opened.

"You boys make me swoon! I can't look you in the eye when you sing to me because I'm suppose to be a judge and not, um, flirting with you while you sing. But I love you boys, your so talented and I'm not going to look at you!" I hid my face like a reatard.

Oh my god why would I do that, how did I let that slip. I flirted and looked at him the whole performance, ugg I'm so stupid. Blood flushed to my cheek's and stupidly smiled.

I filled out a few papers and stayed a little later have the love show until all the media left. I didn't feel like being harassed about my actions from earlier.

I walked outside onto the dead street for the first time in a long time it was so quiet utter silence. I rooted in my purse until I found my keys.

"You make me swoon." Hands wrapped around my waist and a voice in my ear.

I stayed silent and I began to tremble. I let out a deep breath and closed my eyes and waited for his raspy voice to mock me again or say something else, he didn't.

"Wesley....ah..I...can't do this! Okay I just can't!" I pushed out of his grasp and got in my car.

I just sat there and put my head in my hands on the stearing wheel, I couldn't take it. He was right there, I needed to talk to him, but I needed to leave. Then he knocked on my window with a smirk. I rolled down the window and stared at him under the moonlight.

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