Chapter 2: For One Day

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"I don't bite unless you want me to." He chuckled.

I laughed and rolled my eyes at the younger boy, he's 18 now...but I'm that weird? No, I don't think. I mean look at Caroline Flack...oh shit he's still here.

"Uh...get in the car....your going to get me fired....why are you even here?" I looked at him confused.

"I was just going to ask you to go to a party with me and the boys, you know I'm quite a party animal." He winked and climbed into the seat next to mine.

"So I've heard." I giggled.

"So will you go with me?" His sideways smile made me cave in.

"Yes, I'll go with you Wesley...but no one can know I was there...okay?" I asked him if he understood.

"Yeah, well if you want to blend in you may want to get out of you million dollar clothes....I mean not like that...even though that way would be pretty nice too." He placed his hand on my thigh and winked.

"You wink alot you know." I pushed his hand away.

"Do I? Well only because your fine as hell, and the fact that I'm flirting with you hard core." His sexy laugh came out this time I heard once before.

"I love your laugh it's so....pretty!" I shouted unaware.

"Awww I think your pretty." He changed the subject to trying to get with me again.

"Thanks. So where are we going?" I pondered my dream boy.

"The contestant hotel." He replied.

"God you really are stupid, I can't go there!" I was aggravated that I couldn't spend time with him.

"Okay then you know any hotel is good." He smiled placing his hand back on my leg.

"Very you think we can sneak me into the party?" I quized Wes seriously, not pushing him away this time.

He thought about it for a second and then a huge smile spread across his face as ideas danced in his head.

"Yeah all you need to do is put on shorts and a tank top pull your hair back and take off some of your makeup, and you can wear my snapback. You'll look like every girl there but prettier, plus everyone will be too fucked up to notice." You could tell he felt accomplished.

"Because I keep all that stuff in my car." I felt myself getting saddened.

"Walmart is around the corner, I'll just get you stuff and come back out to the car. This might actually work." With that I drove to Walmart.

I waited for Wes to come out and when he did he had two bags of stuff. I grabbed the bags and looked inside.

"I can't wear these!" A picked up the yoga shorts that looked like they would cover half my ass.

"You'll look hot Demi, plus you get to be a normal teen for the night, enjoy it." He pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

"Close your eyes." I giggled as I changed, well tried to, changing in a car is quite difficult.

"Need help?" before I could respond Wesley had unzipped my dress and I felt so exposed.

"Oh my god." I was insecure about my body.

"Why are you hiding your body is perfect." He kissed and bit at my collar bone.

"Stop. I thought you said you didn't bite." I sarcastically joked as I finished getting dressed.

"I said unless you wanted me to." He playfully pushed me.

"Who said I wanted you to?" I pondered while taking off most of my makeup with a wet wipe.

"Don't even deny it Demi. You want me, I want you. Your gorgeous." I was about to protest but I was cut off.

Wes pressed his lips against mine hard and moved our mouths in sync. I have wanted to do this for so long. I climbed on top of him in the passenger seat and pressed the recline button so we would be laying down.

He placed his hands on my butt as I tangled mine in his hair. He bit my lip harshly and it sent shivers up my spine. This was ment to be. I wanted a normal life, I wanted a normal life with Wesley.

"You knew we had a connection since we first locked eyes." He hummed into the skin of my neck.

I didn't reply, I just closed my eyes while Wes flipped us over so he was on top of me. He bit, sucked, and kissed at the soft spot on my neck leaving small moans escape my lips.

"Wait! Don't leave a mark!" I suggested.

"Too late." He laughed as he kissed my lips again.

His tounge swept across my bottom lip and begged for entrance, I didn't take any time to let him in. We battled for dominance and I let him win, exploring my mouth as his hands roamed my body.

I felt myself getting tired after about an hour or two of making out and I just stoped and caught my breath. laying down with him next to me.

"That was amazing, your amazing and a really good kisser, I wonder if your good in bed?" He winked still hyper.

I just let out a sigh. A sigh of relief. A sigh of pleasure. A sigh of sadness. A sigh of happiness, all in one.

We never made it to the party that night, Wes just drove me back to my house and carried my half asleep body to my room. He got in bed with me and we cuddled together until we were both half asleep.

I wanted to enjoy it while it lasted because in four hours I would have to wake up bright and early again to be America's sweetheart.


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