Chapter ❷ - Mira the Matchmaker

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Mirajane P.O.V.

Previously- I smiled, Juvia basically asked me who I shipped Lucy with. I already had one of my OTP ships in mind.

"Well, there are many ships which include Lucy, but I only ship one of them. The name of this ship is NaLu!"

"NaLu? Who is in the ship?" Juvia asked me.

"Natsu and Lucy," I replied smiling.

"Juvia will think about that pair," Juvia told me as she walked away.

I smiled at Juvia and then continued serving Fairy Tail mages.

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Juvias P.O.V.

She was sitting in one of the tables in the guild and was thinking about Natsus and Love Rivals relationship. Juvia then remembered that Natsu brought Love Rival to Fairy Tail. And Natsu was the first person that Love Rival met who was from Fairy Tail. Because of this, Juvia thought it was quite compatible and it would most likely work out in the end.

Juvia went up to Mira again and told her that she thought Love Rival and Natsu is a compatible pairing and that she thought it would work.

"Of course it would work," Mira replied, "I choose my ships carefully and I knew it would work in the beginning when Lucy came to Fairy Tail!"

"Well, do you have any ideas how we can put Love Rival and Natsu together?" Juvia asked Mira.

"I have many ideas of how I could make NaLu canon!" Mira told me honestly.

"Then tell Juvia one that would work," she asked.

"Well, we could give Lucy a love letter signed by a secret admirer and a love letter to a Natsu signed by a secret admirer. In Natsus love letter it would say:

"I wish I could tell you how I feel but I'm just just afraid what your response would be. I only think about you day and night and dream about us being together one day. I love it when you smile and how that brightens my day. And I don't care how complicated we can get, I'd still always want to be with you. So please meet up with me in the restaurant near the sakura tree is in Magnolia, tomorrow at 2pm.  xoxo, your secret admirer."

"Juvia thinks that sounds cheesy," Juvia confessed.

"Well, let me tell you what Lucy's love letter would say," Mira replied.

"Fine~" Juvia said to Mira.

"You have a place in my heart no one could ever have. I may never find words beautiful enough to describe all you mean to me, but I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life searching for them. I didn't know if these feeling were real or not but I soon realised that they were real because I spent more time thinking about you than worrying about myself. And please do my favour and meet me at the restaurant near the Sakura tree in Magnolia, tomorrow at 2pm. xoxo, your secret admirer."

"Juvia thinks that was also cheesy," she confessed once again.

"That doesn't matter, but let's go and make the love letters and reserve a table in the restaurant near the Sakura tree!" Mira replied delighted grabbing my hand.

"Wait, which one are you and Juvia doing first and where are you taking Juvia?" Juvia asked.

"We are going to your room in Fairy Hills to make Love Letters first."

"Alright," Juvia sighed.


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