Love Beats Revenge - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Starting the plan to seek my revenge


“Wait!” I shouted. They both turned their head at me.

“What’s wrong?” Lucas said.

“I want my drink now you squid” I stated obviously. Lucas rolled his eyes.

“How about I buy you a shake after we hit the road?” Evan asked. My eyes lit up and I nodded my head. We all walked off towards the Sydney airport exit.


After a 1 hour drive back from the airport, we finally arrived at the apartment, which I must say was quite nice. It was a tall white and navy building and looked pretty new by the use of all the modern glass balconies. Great now I’m going to have to take the elevator every time I need to go somewhere. That’s just a bloody waste of time. Oh well, good thing I love elevators!  I grabbed one of my bags, while Evan and Lucas took the rest of my luggage.

“God! How much suit cases does one girl need to bring, it’s not like you’re staying that long” Evan said to me struggling under the weight of my biggest case. I chuckled slightly and covered it up with a cough after I saw Lucas and Evan glaring.

“I said the exact same thing when I was loading her luggage at the airport in Brisbane” Lucas muttered.

“I’m living with you guys for half a year, so I brought three quarters of my wardrobe” I said. Evans eyes widened slightly. I continued “It’s not that much. And that one suitcase you’re holding Lucas, its only shoes” Lucas sighed dramatically.

“No wonder its heavy” he said. I rolled my eyes at their complaining.

“Man up! You only need to come down twice more” I said to them and walked ahead. There were only 9 suitcases! That not too much. I heard one of them mutter “Chicks”, but I chose to ignore them and instead I admired my new home.

We entered the apartment entrance and I clicked the elevator button up. I jumped up and down on the balls of my feet in excitement. I couldn’t wait to see how cool it looks on the inside.

“I can’t believe you guys can afford something like this, it looks way to grand for your budgets” I said to the boys. The exchanged a look and smirked.

“Well, after all the gambling we won, our money kind of just raised all of a sudden. Plus our dads did chip in a bit” Evan said. Gambling? Stupid guys. I rolled my eyes at them.

“Yeah, they said because we are in University they expect us to be all ‘responsible’ and adult like” Lucas said shaking his head.

“Ha! Responsible my ass, you guys are probably have clothes lined up in the laundry, dishes still waiting to be cleaned and bills to be paid” I said.

“Hey!” Evan said and flicked my head as punishment. Just like when we were little.

“Oww!” I said and rubbed the spot he flicked whilst trying to hide my smile.

“We do not have laundry and dishes, I hope. Although we do need to pay the electricity bill that’s due Friday”

“Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that dude” Evan exclaimed. There was a beeping noise signalling the arrival of the elevator.

“Boys” I muttered shaking my head whilst entering the elevator. Lucas clicked level 13.

“Hey Dem- I mean Crystal”  Evan corrected himself from under my glare. “Sorry I have to get used to that. Do you remember when we rode that elevator at the mall like years ago singing the hokey pokey for like 2 hours?”

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