Chapter twenty-three.

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I felt like I was going to faint because Amaka held a startling resemblance to none other than...


Looking at the little girl felt like staring into a mirror of the past. She looked exactly like what I used to look like when I was about the same age. I couldn't help but feel giddy.

After hastily finding a nearby stool to support my weight, I watched in amazement as the little girl smiled at her brother when she noticed his presence and beckoned with her wiry hands for him to do something.

Apparently, she wanted him to hug her and he obliged after taking up a seat close to her, very careful in his act so as not to dislodge any of the numerous drip-lines connected to her body.

They stayed in that position for a short while and after disentangling from the hug, Steve went on to ask about her well-being, how she felt, what she was writing about and if she had eaten breakfast. 

I stood in awe, partly due to the affection that they shared while they conversed but mostly because of the girl's facial features. It wasn't until she turned towards me with a polite look of curiosity that I was able to snap out of my daze.

"Bigi, who is your friend?" she asked politely, her tired, but curious eyes not leaving mine for a second.

"She's not a friend Amy, she's family."

My heart swelled when I heard Stephen say those words, I could only nod my head vigorously in agreement.

Her expression, however, went from curious to puzzled.

"How come we haven't met her till now? Is she the part of daddy's family that doesn't like us?"

I felt a sharp prick in my heart. 

Heavens knew that my dad wouldn't have rejected this angel if he'd ever gotten the opportunity to meet her.

If he'd been alive.

"No, she's among the good guys. Though she's just getting to know about us, she's been good. She has helped me a lot so far."

I nodded fervently in agreement once again and Amaka's face finally brightened up in a huge smile.

"Oh then today is your lucky day. I'm healthy enough to chat and play with this newfound family of mine." She clapped eagerly and beckoned me closer. Stephen slowly stood up from her bed.

"That's right Amy, you guys should catch up or something, I have to see the doctor." He kissed her forehead and walked away, a clear tact to leave me alone with her.

That boy

"Hello aunty? What should I call you? Aunty? Mummy? Sister?"

"Aunt. Aunt is just fine," I murmured nervously in reply.

The idea of staring at a miniature version of me was still very disconcerting. I was beyond bewilderment at the moment, my brain could barely even process thoughts.

Amaka looked too much like me; from the colour of my eyes to the skin tone to the straight nose and small lips, I could literally tell very little difference.

I suddenly began to understand the silly, dry jokes  brother Tunji always said about his future daughter looking like me.

It hadn't been a joke.

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