Chapter: Demigods Revealed

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Author's Note: Hi! Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. This chapter is dedicated to __percabeth__. Enjoy!

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What do the Greek Myths have to do with this? They seem pretty serious, so I'm going to let them continue.

"Well, they're real," the blondie- I mean Annabeth said. Yeah right, says Liz's half sister, Annabeth. "And, we're demigods, their children with one godly and one mortal parent," she continues.

"Phh, yeah right, and I'm Zeus, it's ok to want to have special powers," said the Percy-look-alike with a lightning scar. Thunder rumbles outside the window, even though it was a sunny day.

Oh great! He got Zeus, Percy, Jason, and Nico mad. The sink suddenly exploded. All the water swirled around Percy, while shadows stood in an attack position around Nico, and winds picked up around Jason.

Annabeth held her dagger at his neck and whispered slowly into his ear. Yup, he's a goner.

Wow! Are all of them this good at fighting weapons? Anyways, time to show them who's best with "magical powers." I grabbed my wand and shouted, "Stupify," only I find the spell bouncing off of her and hitting me.

Annabeth whipped her head around at me and I tumbled over to see a guy named Percy holding a ball of water.

A beautiful Native American looking girl shouted, "Everyone, stop!" Surprisingly, everyone including me stopped. "I think we all got off to he wrong start, but let's continue now."

Once everyone get settled down, I continued. "The Greek and Roman Gods are more real than you think and we are their children, demigods. I and a daughter of Athena, this is Percy son of Poseidon, Jason son of Jupiter, Piper daughter of Aphrodite, Frank son Mars, Hazel daughter of Pluto, Leo son of Hephaestus, Calypso goddess of Ogegia, Katie daughter of Demeter, Travis and Conner Stoll sons of Hermes, Clarisse daughter of Ares, and Chris son of Hermes."

"If you all have crazy powers, why do you need to train with weapons?" asked the red head.
"Yeah, to show off?" continued lightning scar. If that scar is from Zeus, I'm not surprised. he can really piss someone off.

Those idiots! Now all the demigods are in battle stance and I have my spear up to lightning boy's throat. "We've been through more than you could imagine, so back the Hades off. This is the last time you'll get a warning, so I suggest you to-"

"So? I've been the subject of a prophecy and through a war." He said smugly. I judo flip him and bring me knee up to his throat.

"We've all been the subject of at least two prophecies through two wars and all seen loved ones die. Percy and Annabeth over here- cover your ears you two- have survived Tartarus," I hissed. "We need to know how to fight because everyday, there are monsters and giants who try to hunt us down just because we are half god. Maybe I should give you the proper hello that I give all new campers," and with that, I dragged him over to the toilet and stuck his head in.

Well, I didn't think Clarisse would be able to give a speech like that. Anyways after that, I finally charmspoke them to settle down and we all got introduced. Suddenly, a boom of thunder rumbled and a fortune cookie fell from the ceiling. One of the girls in the uniforms read the so called "fortune" inside.

"Wizards then Spies next," she said and their little group looked over to the British trio. The demigods followed their example, so I guess that means they were spies!

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