Two: Mia the Encyclopaedia

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(Mia POV)

I hummed a small tune as I put light makeup on my face, I didn't need anyone to see the bruises on my cheek or the cut on my lip.

I swipe my eyeliner on and made sure each side was identical, I huffed as I fixed my left side and then nod, I did it.

"Good job," I told myself before packing everything up as quickly as possible before hiding my makeup under the sink. I grabbed my book-bag and left for school.

"Where are you going?" My dad asks me while I halt in place.

"School," I answered before continuing to walk towards the front door.

"Give me a kiss before you go," I stop once again before taking a small deep breath in, I turned around and went towards my father.

I stood in front of him and pecked his cheek before rushing off to leave to go to the hospital.


"Nurse Bailey?" She turns around and smiles at me.

"Hey, how did that test go?" She asked as I handed her textbook back.

Uh, it went well," I reply and then look away.

"You okay?" She asks me gently.

"Yes, yes, I'm okay," I answer as I scratch my neck softly.

"Okay, well, you have my number of you're not," I nod my head and she guides me towards the front doors, "need a lift to school?"


"Mia Emrani," I lift my head and saw the principal, he rose his eyebrows at me as I straightened my posture.

"Yes...Sir?" I ask.

"You're late," he told me, I check the time and shake my head.

"It's 7:39," I told him before walking around the principal and went into the building.


"Go away, go away, go away," I muttered to myself as I heard someone call my name.

"Mia!" I groan as I stopped walking and turn around.

"Yes?" I respond harshly as Cole stood in front of me, I curse under my breath at my tone before I took a step back and nod for him to talk.

"You dropped this," he handed me my book and I took it gently with a small smile.

"Thank you..." I answer quietly.

"Well, see you later," he smiles before walking off to his friend, I watch him before shaking my head as I look at the book.

I noticed a blue post-it note on it and I tilt my head, I don't have blue post-its for my textbook, those were for communication only.

"What..." I took it off and turned it around to see a phone number, "oh?" So it was for communication.

'Text me when you want to become friends with me, Mia. -Colby'

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask myself as I read the note again and sigh, I shook my head and stuck the note back on my book as I made my way down the hall for class.

Science- psychology

"You've been staring at that post-it note all lesson, what's under it?" I heard someone ask, I glance at them before ignoring them.

"Why are you talking to that slut anyway?" Someone hissed, my eyes flick towards them and I just kept my head down.

"Yeah, she's too arrogant to talk to you anyway, has too many guys' phone numbers she can hook up with."

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