Chapter 1

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Dianna pov

"Ughhhhhhhh!!" I groaned as the alarm clock started ringing letting me know it monday morning and I need to get to school.

I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to get ready,I turned on the shower and applied shampoo.

"Dianna get your ass downstairs"I heard my mom yelled from downstairs.

I decided not to reply cuz she won't hear she's probably dancing in the kitchen.

I walked out of the bathroom and made  my way into my closet to pick out my outfit which were leather jacket, cropped top and a pair of ripped jeans with black boots ,my outfit looked pretty badass.

I walked over to the dressing mirror only to see a kid looking back at me,yeah I look like a kid .

I'm 5ft 1 inch with little ass and breasts with a pretty face,I have a chubby face with cute dimples and curly hair.

Yeah I know I'm pretty but I don't like the fact that I'm extremely petite and to make it worse I sound like a 7 yr old kid.

"Dianna get your ass here and have breakfast or you will be late for school!!" my mom yelling brought me out of my thoughts .

I put my books in my bag and walked downstairs.

"Good morning mom" I said as I walked into the kitchen and quickly sat down to eat before my mom have my head ,it not like she will have my head for real but she can be really scary.

I have the perfect family and I'm also the only child.

"Good morning baby"my dad kissed me on the fore head and made his way over to my mom and gave her a long passionate kiss, I'm used to seeing my parents make out it  a normal routine.

"I'm off"I said as I made my way out of the house, they probably didn't hear me since they were still busy making out.

My best friend Kylie was already outside patiently waiting.

I got in the car and said,

"Hey burger"I was met with a glare since I know she hates being called burger but I just love teasing her since she completely looks like a burger.

Kylie was the complete opposite of me with appropriate ass and breast also tall with a pretty face.

"Hey nerd" she replied and gave me a smirk since she knew I hate being called a nerd, yeah I know I'm a nerd but you don't need to remind me.

We were both in our last year in highschool.

Yeah you are probably wondering, how come??it just I got the brains.

Kylie and I have been friends for two years now,we didn't like each other at first,we barely talked in the first year of senior high .

I can remember not liking her because I saw myself in her it was seeing yourself in another person and I don't like that.But somethings happened and we became bestfriends

Kylie comes from a wealthy home and I know little about her family,all I know is that her parents aren't here in California and she has a little brother and that they both stay here with their grandma.

"Get out of the car and stop smiling weirdly"Kylie said as she got out of the car and i was brought out my thoughts.

I got out of the car and saw the familiar building of the place I called school we both walked in.

"Hey Kylie,hey Dianna"we get a lot of greetings .

We both know it all fake and just for show,most of them only talked to us cuz we were popular,we replied with hey and I giggled when I heard Kylie muttered under her breath"motherfuckers".

We both walked into the familiar classroom and settled down for the lectures to start.


Finally!! It closing hour, I'm starving and I can't wait to get to my favorite restaurant to get pasta.

"Kylie,I will meet you at the bus stop, I'm gonna go get pasta at happiness!!" I yelled as I rushed out of the class.

"Don't be late or I'm leaving your black ass!!"I heard her yell after me .

I chuckled since we both know she wouldn't dare leave me.

I made my way into the familiar restaurant.

The restaurant was oddly peaceful today.

A waiter came up to me and said"hey little girl what can I get you" I glared at him and said,

"One, I'm not a little girl and two I would like a plate of pasta with shrimps and chicken" he chuckled and walked away.

That just got me more angry since that not the first time someone called me a little girl.

My phone started ringing ,it was Kylie.
I picked up"you better get your ass here or I'm leaving"she said and hunged up.

The waiter brought my food 5 minutes later I quickly paid for it,"shit" I said.

I was late and Kylie is probably fuming by now cuz she has a really important place she's going to which I have no idea of.

"I'm sorry" I said as I bumped into someone's stomach and quickly rushed out of the restaurant.

I didn't bother to look up cuz i was in a hurry but the person must be so damn tall I thought.

Kylie's pov

Dianna is probably running over here right now like an old woman, she's always active when it comes to food and not exercise.

She's the only thing that normal in my life.

A dad who isn't sane anymore after losing my mom.

I have to be someone I'm not just so people don't take advantage of me, men fears me ,they are all afraid of my wrath.

And that devil I'm going to be getting married to, let not start with that.

My life is a complete mess, the only thing normal is Dianna only her.

How am I suppose to tell my best friend ,I'm the heir to one of the most feared cartel in the world....


Dianna's outfit at the top
Enjoy,please no room for rude comments .

Stay safe😍😍

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