she says she's no good with words, but i'm worse

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i got into reading again and damn does it feel good. like i'm used to constantly reading on wattpad, i could read a book with like 50 parts from an author known for long chapters within two days (maybe even one) but for some reason when i pick up a book it's like i'm so helpless like it gets so bad sometimes that i have to read out loud NASTY

but yesterday i finished the second half of this book and like a month ago i read an entire book in one day and it was fhaldj i'm so proud of myself :,)

i'm reading another book today, it's called welcome to nightvale, i got it in october but i barely found the time to read it now i'm sorry schksal i borrowed it from my teacher so i hope by the time we get back to school i'll be able to give it back to her. i read the first 20 pages like a few months ago so i know some stuff (like there's a character who's basically gen fluid and it's great :,)) but i'm gonna reread all that stuff bc i barely remember anything.

i recently watched the gay-dy bunch videos on thomas' channel again and talyn, chandler, joan, and quil being there and like talking about their cool shenanigans makes me really happy.

earlier today, i recorded stuff for this thing i'm doing where i'm recreating music videos. it is so cringey i can't handle editing it it's so nasty. but i'm gonna get through it :(

i keep seeing videos that say posted 5 years ago or like 10 years ago and it's so weird bc i remember when they were posted or when they were like 1 year ago or 3 years ago.

ig that's it, love you buh bye!

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