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"dude, are you okay?" junhui asked from the left of wonwoo's desk, soonyoung  sat backwards in his seat in front of wonwoo to face him, the same concerned look on his face as junhui. wonwoo was slumped over the table, his face in his crossed arms.

wonwoo shook his head. soonyoung pursed his lips and asked, "do you wanna tell us what's up?"

wonwoo stayed still, no response at all. junhui sighed, "you'll feel better if you tell us, you know?" wonwoo looked up to the two, his chin resting on his arms as junhui showed him a warm smile. "is it about mingyu?"

"...yeah." wonwoo mumbled quietly.

"do you miss him?" soonyoung asked.

"...yeah." wonwoo mumbled quietly again. he sighed, starting to explain. "my head has been just a mess these past few days. i don't know what to believe- or even think, of the situation anymore."

soonyoung crossed his arms onto the backrest of his seat, his head leaning onto his arms so his eyes were on the same level as wonwoo's. "who do you want to believe?" soonyoung asked softly, seeing wonwoo's pout.

"i really do want to believe mingyu, i really do- but you heard the recording. how can i know if mingyu's lying or not? how am i meant to know who's telling the truth?" wonwoo was so conflicted inside. he wanted to wholly believe mingyu, as he trusted him more than minjae, but after hearing that voice recording- he was so unsure.

"although i'm still mad about the situation, maybe you should talk to mingyu about it." soonyoung suggested. both wonwoo and junhui were surprised by this, though, since soonyoung had always been the one to like being around mingyu and his friends the least. "after all, we can't entirely trust minjae. or anyone who could be potentially working with him."

"soonyoung is right." junhui heaved a deep sigh. "we don't know the full story, from mingyu's point of view. we just assumed that what was on the recordings were his full intentions this whole time, without the consideration that he might've changed- because of- you know who." junhui chuckled, referring to wonwoo, to which they all laughed together, the once sad and tense cloud that was hovering over them now gone.

"when did my friends become so caring?" wonwoo cooed at them, all of them laughing sync.

"we've been like this since the day we became friends. you were just too dense and oblivious to notice-"

"hey! that's just mean!"

"i'm joking!"

"but really, wonwoo." junhui started, finally looking wonwoo seriously. "you should hear mingyu out. at the end of the day, he has shown you more love in a few weeks, than minjae ever did in the two years you were together."

both soonyoung and junhui were right. they hadn't taken into consideration that mingyu's intentions had changed. maybe wonwoo should have reacted differently, listened to mingyu before distancing himself away from the younger- but what is done, is done. he can't do anything now. that's the past.

he can only look forward, into the future. and hope to fix this mess.

"chaeyeon, i'm back!" wonwoo called out into the house as he walked through the door, plastic bags occupying both of his hands as the keys of the door dangerously hang on the tip of his finger.

as he closed the door, walking towards the kitchen and placing the newly bought groceries on the marble island, wonwoo could hear the thuds of chaeyeon's footsteps as she jumped down the stairs, joining her elder brother in the kitchen.

"hey, did you buy the sour gummies i asked you to get?" chaeyeon asked as she walked over to the island where wonwoo stood, unpacking the items that were needed to refrigerated, removing his leather jacket before continuing. chaeyeon rummage through some of the bags, using one hand as the other was occupied with her open phone, until wonwoo held out the packet of blue raspberry sour laces in front of her. her eyes lit up at the sight of the blue sweet, saying, "thank you! i'll pay you back."

"you can pay me back by helping me put all this stuff away." wonwoo said faintly as he turned away to go to the fridge, storing the food. "you haven't been helping around the house as much as you used to. you busy with school?"

"a friend of mine moved back into town a week ago, i've just been helping him out."

"a him, huh? is he your boyfriend?" wonwoo cooed but chaeyeon instantly denied, fake gagging.

"no way!" wonwoo laughed as they continued to pack the groceries away, occasionally talking but most of the time in silence.

"i noticed that you haven't been talking to mingyu a lot, recently ." chaeyeon started, warily looking up to wonwoo from the bottom cabinet, looking at her phone due to the sound of another text message. "did you guys break up?"

wonwoo didn't expect the sudden question about mingyu. even he wasn't sure what was going on anymore, but he still answered. "it's... complicated. i just wanted some space from him for a few days- by the way, can you go upstairs and fetch me my school bag. i want to read up on some topic whilst i start preparing the food." he asked, changing the topic as fast he could, because frankly, he didn't want to talk about it at the moment, since his thoughts on the situation were still a mess.

"sure." she simply answers, finishing off a text message and leaving her phone open on the counter, walking out through the archway that connected the kitchen to the hallway, and back upstairs.

as wonwoo started to gather the ingredients he need to cook, he constantly heard the buzzing and notification sounds of chaeyeon's phone going off- and they had been constantly going off since chaeyeon had came down to get her desired sweets.

out of curiosity, wonwoo left the pot of water to start heating up walked to the centre island where chaeyeon left her phone, wanting to see what was the reason her phone had so many notifications.

her phone was open on the messaging app, and on a certain conversation.

and when he looked at the name of the person she was texting, it was the last name he ever expected to see.

park minjae.

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