Chapter 1

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Sasha POV-

Me and my twin I am in our moms’ tummy. But it was getting really cramped and we wanted out. My twin kicks our mother, not on purpose. She let out a scream. Then a few moments later there was light. We blinked at the bright light. Someone with pale strong hands reached in and grabbed my twin. "Renesmee." Said a man. It was my fathers I knew that voice. No one seemed to no test me. I started to cry.

"There are two but how!?" Said a woman voice.

"I don't know Rosalie." Said my father grabbing my gently. "It's ok, daddy’s got you," He turned to Rosalie. "She barley has a heartbeat; she must have more vampire than Renesmee." So what am I to them a she. I thought. "Rose take them." Said my father handing us to Rosalie. Then our father started to bite our mother injecting his venom.

Renesmee reached up and touched Rosalie's face. Showing her a picture of our mother with a question mark. My twin and I can communicate if we want to. "Did you just show me that? What can you do?" She asked us. I just stared at her; I have no clue want I can do. After she cleaned us up she took us to the living room and sat on the white couch. I smelled something sweet and yummy. I fallowed the scent and searched with my eyes. On the other end of the couch was blood our mothers blood, I recognized the smell from the other room.

An olive skinned, muscular man with black short hair. He was trembling. Renesmee lifted her head slightly looking at her. Then his shaking jerked to a stop, he gazed into my twin eyes as he fell to his knees. After a long time later he stood up and walked over. "Can I hold Renesmee, Blondie?" He asked Rosalie,

"Why mutt?" She glared at him. My twin and I started a conversion. Ignoring them

Why is she calling him a mutt? Said Renesmee

I don't know. Why does he call her Blondie? I said.

Maybe that there real name. Renesmee said

Blondie and Mutt! That some weird names! I giggled and she joined in to.

Are father was there. He was talking with Blondie and Mutt. Then he look at us and chuckled. "What?” Asked Mutt and Blondie.

"There disusing if your names are really Blondie and Mutt." He said. They laughed.

My father held me. I fit just right in his arm. I gazed up into his yellow eyes. He smiled at me. “You have my green eyes when I was human and have Bella’s chocolate brown hair.”

“Let’s put them to bed. They look tired.” Said Rosalie. I Yawned. Are father took Renesmee and me to our room, placed us unto the crib and covered us up.

“Good night my girls. You’ll see your mother soon.” He said, truing of the light and lifted. The next morning I awoke to find my twin gone. I was scared what happened to my twin! I cried.

“I’ll get her!” Said a young man voice.

“Seth! Do you even know how to hold a baby?” Asked a gruff voice.

“No. But I want to meet her, Emmett.” Seth said.

“I’ll go with you!” Said a cheerful voice.

“I’m coming to. Alice I don’t want you to maul the poor thing.” Said Emmett.

“I will just maul with love!” Said Alice. Emmett chuckled.

The three of them came in. One was tall, pale and muscular, with dark brown hair and yellow eyes. The girl was short, pale with a pixie face also a black pixie haircut. The boy had olive skin, muscular with black hair. Kind like the guy that kept staring at my twin.

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