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I got up and i was stuck i could not move when i rubbed my eyese and looked around i saw all the boys sleeping and they all where almost on top of me i quietly untangled my self from them i went up stairs and look around i saw a bathroom i opened the door and wow that was a very very very stylesh bathroom

I looked around for a towel i look in the cabnet and i found a full stack of folded towel's when i looked really close i saw names on the towel's " harry styles"

"Zayn malik" wow these guys have their

Names on they towel's then i saw a spare towel it did not have a name on it so i took it. i had a nice warm shower.

"Knock"knock" huh who is it?! I said in a sweet voice "its me niall nice singing now would you mind comming out i need to take a shower"!! 10 minutes more please

Niall pretty please" "no come out now or i'm comming in i'm counting to 5 if your not out i'm comming in 1....2....3....4....5 i'm comming in" (bang).. And here we go thank's alot niall you broke the door (swing)..... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i screamed so loud all the boys came running up "what the hell is going on here niall do you have to barge in when sam is having a bath" said louies "dha i need to have a bath and she is singing in the shower" niall said in a dha voice.

Well can we hurry up with all this we need to go shopping and get some new clothes for sam ok niall"? Said zayn "yeh fine" answered niall. I asked niall to pass me the towel i jumped out of the tub and sliped and niall caught me "thank you sweety"i said in a cute voice.


She is soo pretty "sorry sam" why are you sayong sorry to me? Cuz i saw you nacked and slamed the door open! Oh its fine i really dont mind after all i am your mate.your shure you dont mind? Nope not at all.she kissed me lightly on the cheak and blushed.

-skip the car ride-


So sam where do you wanna go.guys you really dont have to do this for me we could have gone to my house and got my clothes from there you know! She said in a cute voice. No no no we wanna buy you new things ok now lets gooo.so sam where you wanna go?umm i really like the dresses from H&M.ok we'll go to H&M then.


We reached H&M and went in side i picked up a  leather black jean and some tank top's and a few jean shorts in different colours then i saw this really beautiful dress it was white with light blew stripes and it was long from the back and short from the front it looked super cute then i saw this black dress it was completly black and long from the back and short in the front and i brought some white and black combat boots and white and black sneeker boots and a pare of white and black high heels 5 inches.

Then we went to forever 21 and i saw this really cute bra and panty it had zebra stripes and a plain blue matching bra and panty then i brought my favourite shampoo from bath&body works then we went to the food court and met the rest of the boys we ate lunch and headed back home

-skip the car ride-

Whrn he reached home i ran up stairs and called louies along with me and he helped me put my stuff away while we where doing that he lifted up the zebra bekini and was looking at me then the bekini then me then the bekini "louiess i know what your thinking put that down"! " oh really what am i thinking?." Your thinking how cute i would look in the bekini now put it down!." Wow your good."we went and sat on the bed and i was feeling tired "lou i'm feeling tired and lazy i need to sle- i was cut of by louies kissing me we where like that for 30 seconds and i pulled back lou you know what."what"

I love you. I said in a cute voice "i love you too" he kissed my forhead and we lay down in a few seconds i drifted of into a nap.

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