Chapter 1 - Arrangement

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Jaclyn Rae

I looked at my dad disapprovingly when he just announced that he's arranging with his friend's son. I put my fork and my knife down slowly as I swallowed my food.

"Dad, I don't know why you have to arrange me with someone?" I said in a calm tone even though I really hate the idea of my dad trying to invade my life. My grandmother raised her index finger and here we go again with her long speech about love.

"Jaclyn, it's the best for you. We're worried about you and besides there's nothing wrong with meeting your father's friend's son first." She said smiling brightly at me and I shook my head lightly.

"Grandma, I'm currently loving my job and I don't need a man NOW." I said emphasizing the last word pretty clearly so my family know that they don't need to interfere my love life. My dad raised his eyebrows at me and he let out a long deep sigh. "Jaclyn, we're noth getting any younger and we want all of you to settle down very soon."

"Dad, I want to settle down when I'm 30 and I still have 3 years away." I said as I grabbed my fork again.

"3 years is a very short time, Jac. Where will you find a boyfriend if you're still busy working and dating your cars?" My grandma said in a sarcastic tone. She might be in her 70s but she's quite smart when it comes insulting and giving sarcastic remarks on her grandchildrens.

"I know that you will give me someone who is great and maybe according to your standard but trust me, dad. I don't need to date right now." I said assuring my dad and my grandmother to stop asking me to date. I continued to eat my dinner and checked the time on my phone.

"Oh! It's time for me to watch 90-days fiance!" My grandmother squealed as she got off from her seat in a speed of light. I looked at her blinking a few times before ended up shaking my head. "She needs to stop watching that." My dad commented and I let out a small chuckle.

I finished my dinner and decided to sit on the living room while I'm checking on my schedule for tomorrow. My grandmother was busy watching and cursing on Big-Ed who has no neck. Last week, I even saw my grandmother cursing on that neckless-man for using mayonaise on his head.

"Hi everyone!" My brother, Jace, just got home and he immediately laid on the sofa. "Go eat dinner, Jace." My grandmother said and I looked down on me iPad again to see my schedule.

"Boy, go eat your dinner.." I heard my dad said and Jace plopped beside me putting his arm around my shoulder. I know that he's up to something when he's acting like this. "What is it?" I asked knowing he will ask me to do something.

"I heard that you're being arranged with someone." He whispered it to my ear and I turned to him pushing his face away from me. "I'm not in the mood for your teasing spree, Jace."

"Who's the unlucky guy, dad?" Jace bluntly asked.

"He's a cardiologist."

"Really? Maybe he could fix your evil and cold heart, Jac. I can't wait to meet this lovely brother-in-law." Jace said as he caressed my head. "Get your hands off me, Jace." I said firmly.

"Ugh! Grandma, why are you watching this neckless-man again?" Jace commented. "Shut it!" My grandmother shut him down and Jace bursted out laughing all of the sudden.

"Dad! Let's send grandma on a 90-days fiance program." Jace suggested and I turned to him disbelied. Jace and his crazy ideas. Sometimes I doubted if we share the same womb together.

"Don't start, Jace." My grandmother warned. I got up from the sofa and walked towards the stairs. I grabbed my bag that I threw on the floor and walked upstairs to my room. I walked in and put my bag on my vanity.

I heard a knock on the door and let whoever behind it to walk in. It's my dad and he smiled looking at me. "What's up, dad?" I asked.

"Have lunch with me tomorrow, I'm going to introduce you to my friend's son." He said as he sat on the edge of my bed. I leaned my body to the wall facing my dad. "Dad, I know I've been busy and stuff but do you think it's necessary to arrange me with someone?" I asked because I'm curious what's in his head.

I know parents will always want the best for their kids. Especially my dad, after we lost mom 6 years ago. He changed. He started to make himself busy with work and he even prevented his kids to move out. He was lonely and still can't accept that mom's already gone. Not only him but mom's death affected me the worse. I went through depression, a bad one. I was sucidal and ran away from home a few times because of it.

"I just want you to be someone who I can trust."

"You trust your friend?"

"We've been friends since highschool, Jaclyn. You saw him a couple of time, Harrison Clayton, remember him?" He asked and I found myself nodding. I remembered Mr. Clayton, we met a few times on a debutante ball. "He's a doctor right? I remember that you told me that he has hospitals across the country."

"Yes, that's right. He has a son named Noah Clayton and he's a cardiologist."

"You want to pair me with cardiologist? Are you sure?" I asked my dad and he chuckled as he stood up.


"Very well, let's see this man tomorrow but I won't guarantee you that I will like him."

"It's an arrangement, Jaclyn. We're not forcing you, your happiness will always be my number one priority!"


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