Chapter 6: Never Fear, The Pillars Are Here!

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" DON'T HURT MY FRIENDS, FUCKFACE! " As the demon released Inosuke, you leap to grab him, placing him safely on the ground. A gust of wind past by you, hearing a few thumps on the ground.

" It's you. " The same blunt and monochrome voice from two years ago spoke, turning your head meeting the same stern face. You averted your attention towards the demon however, before kneeling in front of it, praying.

" HEY! THAT WAS Y/N'S KILL DAMN IT! BUT YOU WERE SO COOL! " You heard Inosuke's hoarse but excited behind you. " It's fine Inosuke, as long as it's slain. " The boarhead looked at you in disbelief, grunting as he held his throat. " Why did she let it go? Is she not confident or some shit? Ugh, I'm hungry. "


" I WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK! WHAT I SAID ISN'T WRONG, YOU'RE THE STRANGE ONE! " Dodging threads here and there, the burgundy boy continued. " THE ONLY ONE WHO'S WRONG HERE.. IS YOU! "

Reeling his blade back, Tanjiro lunged at Rui with force. Seemingly unimpressed by this, the demon surrounded the area with threads, trying to land a hit on Tanjiro.

" Breath of Water, First Form. " Taking a stance, he prepared to attack. " Surface Slash! "


His eyes widened in shock, seeing half of his blade on the ground. " No way.. " He wiped away his sweat before feeling the blade behind his back, covered by his haori. Hope shone in his eyes as he pulled out the nichirin blade you gave him, determination once again filling his being.
[ Back with you guys ]

" FIGHT ME , HANHAN BAORI! " You restrain Inosuke, grabbing his wrist. " Inosuke, you're severely injured. You shouldn't do something so reckless! " He tried wriggling his wrist out of your strong grip, lifting you upwards before smashing you onto the ground.

You reacted by placing your feet into the ground, repeating his gesture before Tomioka tied him up, tying him to a tree branch. The Water Pillar then tugged on your haori, gesturing you to follow him.

" B-but I can't just leave him here! " You protested before he faced you, your faces inches away. " He'll be fine, the Kakushi are coming soon anyway. " Grabbing your wrist, he led you away as you worriedly looked back at Inosuke who was currently shouting out profanities.

Arriving at the scene, you watch as Tanjiro pulled of a Breath Style you've never seen before, exploding blood complementing his attack. You watched in awe as Tomioka glanced over at you. He thought of what reaction you'd have if you saw him pull off something like that. He shook off the tight feeling in his chest, focusing on the battle.

You watch as he successfully cut off the demon's head, collapsing onto the ground. You rushed over, catching Nezuko before she hit the ground. You turned towards Tanjiro's direction, noticing the demon was still alive, surrounded Tanjiro with his threads once again.

You ran, praying you weren't too late until Tomioka came and cut them off with ease. You nod at him gratefully before you made your way over to Tanjiro. " Y/N..? Is that.. you? N-Nezuko! " You shushed him, engulfing them both in a warm hug.

You witness Tomioka slicing the demon's head off. As Rui's head fell off, he glared at both you and the siblings.

" Shit, shit! Kill... I'll definitely kill those siblings! " His eyes wandered off to the siblings' face before resting onto yours. You noticed him before giving him a tired smile. His mind played memories from before, his body shifting towards you.

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