stupid. ~inosuke x reader 1/2~

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-modern day AU- *CURSE WARNING*

Y/n's pov
Too early in the morning and I hear someone screaming outside the door. "AaAaA runnin like a BEeAaStT!!!" A familiar voice screamed whike barging into the door of my house. "Inosuke! What are you doing here and please don't barge into my door like that, the neighbors are probably still sleepi- OH MY GOSH WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES!?" I say while walking out my bedroom and accidentally saw him without any clothes.

"Stupid y/n. Can't you see i am wounded?" He said very calmly. "1.But that doesn't mean you have to take ALL of your clothes off! And 2. Your the one to talk! W-wait there i will get first aid." I replied, frustrated while throwing him a bunch of towels.

"So," i started to conversate while trying to heal his wounds "So?" He replied, cluelessly. With a resting btch face, i said to him, "Where did you get all of your wounds from?" "WeLL some TYPE OF DRUNK ASSHOLE started to FUCK me up with his glass bottle! I have no other choice but to fight back and beat his ass HAHAHHA" Inosuke said, looking like some type of a psycho. "Stupid." I said, bluntly. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING STUPID YOU ASS?!" He started. An irk started to grow in my face. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING ASS YOU BEAST-OBSESSED BI-"

he kissed me

'asagagfgajjaj' i have no words to say anymore. "Haha i shut you up. No words now, eh?" He smirked while looking at me. "D-do you even know what kissing means?" I say, blushing and clearly frustrated. "Yes" he replied. "Wha-" he cut me off with a chuckle and saying "Now, y/n, do you wanna go out with me?"... 'what is this ass up to now?' I mumbled, not thinking of him listening. "im up to being with you forever. AHAHAHA ins't that so smooth?"

He smiled while eating tempura from the counter table i just made. "Haha very funny, Ino. I dont think that you really mean that-" "no, i really do mean it"

"Let me think about my feelings first before i answer you, can you wait?"

"U-um, sure" he said, running out the door and waving goodbye

'I didnt know that my fantasies of childhood friends being together would be possible'... I mumbled blushing.

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