Ch. 7

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Chapter Seven


Gabriel's amazing.

I like his personality, relatively speaking. He's so brutally blunt and candid that makes other people feel insecure about themselves but for me, I can see myself getting comfortable with him easily. I have honestly know idea how. And that's saying a lot because I'm usually a sensitive person.

And plus, he's great eye candy, I swear. All of the boys I've met are. His style is a bit unique, but so am I, right?

I think I dozed off because the next thing I know, I'm in the bathroom with Gabriel.

He judges my hair and my sopping body and shakes his head.

"Fuck, we've got to do something about your hair. Like really a fucking clip? And your clothes, um." he gives me a once over. "Kota went to grab you spare ones that can decently fit you. Any of our clothes will probably fucking eat you alive. You're too scrawny."

A little mean but whatever. People have been mean to me my whole life. Without my father, I'd be completely broken.

"Do you want to take a bath, trouble?" he asks, moving a stool in front of the marbled sink.

I shake my head no.

"Sit here, then. I'm going to fix that shitty ass mess on your head." he grunts and motions to the stool.

I sit on the stool, facing the sink and the mirror. And indeed my hair was a mess. I look like a drowned rat, what an embarrassing sight.

I hear a chuckle from Gabriel. "Backwards, trouble. How the fuck am I suppose to wash your hair? Air is not a solvent."

Heat rushes to my cheeks, realizing my dumb mistake. I turn to a bemused Gabriel.

"There. I've been fucking waiting since yesterday to touch your hair, trouble. Your hair is beautiful as fuck." I smile at him, trying not to show my confusion.

First he calls my hair a 'shitty ass mess' and now, he says he wanted to touch my hair and called it beautiful. Okay.

Sitting on a stool in wet clothes was not an enjoyable circumstance. Everytime I move, there's a squishing sound and I don't even wanna think about the innuendos. I might be inexperienced in sexual practices but I'm aware.

Gabriel started doing his magic, his large hands weaving into my hair filaments. He adds various hair products into my hair which smelled like lavender and peaches, and made it go all soft.

I almost moaned whenever Gabriel's hands went up my scalp. He finishes up with washing the excess hair products.

"You never said a word to me ever since you got dumped with water. Am I such an asshole that it leaves you speechless?" He questions. I can see the genuine confusion on his face. He takes a clean towel from the rack and begins to dry my hair.

I shake my head solemnly. I, then, signal to him that I couldn't speak. Using charades as communication.

"What happened? Shit." his eyes widen in shock. I wildly shake my head, sighing. I miss my voice.

A knock sounded on the closed bathroom door and we both whip our heads towards it. The door opens, revealing Kota with a set of clean clothes tucked in his arms.

"These are the only ones I can find that I think can actually fit her." Kota says. He looks over my newly washed hair which was still wet and my soaked body.

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