four: don't go

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a/n: don't go.

these characters don't belong to me. unfortunately.



"W-what do you mean ? I don't like the Weaselette!" He exclaimed defensively,as if it was crazy. As if, the mere suggestion of it was ludicrous.
Blaise raised his eyebrows "Really? The way you were looking at her says otherwise. And, you literally told me. There was potential of something more, you felt it. Don't deny it, Drake."

"Oh , shut up !" Draco cried , putting his head between his hands - his head hurting at the prospect of liking , even loving the Weasley.
What would his father think? What would the Slytherins think? What would Saint Potter and his crew think?

"Gin? Harry said, trying to snap her out of it. He followed where she was looking, then realised.

"Ginny." He said, eyes blazing. "Why are you staring at Malfoy?" Harry's voice became more hostile, and he spat out the word 'Malfoy' as if it was poison.

"What?!" Ron shouted, turning red.

Now, one thing you have to realise about Ron Weasley, is that he is extremely overprotective of his baby sister. He didn't have any other younger siblings, but her, so he felt as if she was his responsibility. Ginny hated this, because any chance a boy liked her? Ron scared them off, easily. They never tried to ask her out again. And she hated it. He simply thought he was doing what every good brother should. And he didn't exactly like Malfoy, so if his sister was staring at him . . .

He marched over to Ginny , commanding the attention of the whole hall , including Draco.
"Why were you—"
Hermione cut Ron off. "Gin , why were you staring at him?" Hermione's voice was gentle but her eyes were accusing, like daggers that pierced into Ginny's soul.
"My love life , or who I stare at is none of your concern , 'Mione ." Ginny replied in a deadly , calm voice . It was cold, the Trio had never heard her speak like this.

Hermione's eyes narrowed to slits, as she said, "He has called me a mudblood, time and time again. He has bullied and humiliated your family time and time again. He has hated Harry for no apparent reason."She took a deep breath ,"His father is a Death Eater? Do you not remember what happened in second year?" Hermione said , her voice shaking .

Ginny's eyes snapped to Hermione, hurt. Even for her, that was a low blow. The Chamber of Secrets was the worst thing that happened to her.
"I'm going to go, and none of you are going to stop me. Okay? Okay." Ginny said in a deadly tone, threatening in a way that sent shivers down their spines. She stood up, slamming her hands on the table violently before leaving, her red hair swishing, and her robes billowing behind her as she walked, not looking back once.

She tuned back, once, and looked them dead in the eye.

"And who knows? Maybe I'm already dating Draco," she said, emphasising the fact that she said 'Draco' and not 'Malfoy. "Not that it's any of your business." And with that, she left the Great Hall, slamming the double doors shut as she left, running up to the Gryffindor common room.

Draco couldn't believe his ears. Maybe, just maybe he did have a chance with Ginny. He didn't know why he decided all of a sudden that he was interested in the Weaslette, but now, he was sure.

His ears turned pink whenever she glanced at him. A soft smile was on his face whenever he thought of her, and his expression was incredibly tender. His heart thumped whenever he saw her smile, threatening to burst out of his chest. Previously, he had ignored the way his body reacted to her, whenever he got butterflies in his stomach, whenever he got excited ...somewhere else when he saw her in a skirt that was particularly short.

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