Scoops Ahoy

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Walking into the mall center, your eyes scan over everyone scattering around in their friend groups

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Walking into the mall center, your eyes scan over everyone scattering around in their friend groups. As you scan the room, your eyes meet with none other, Dustin Henderson. It was his first day back from science camp and he had called you to meet up with him. After everything you've been through, you may have been older, but he was like a little brother you never had the chance to have. He smiles his goofy smile and you giggle, shaking your head before walking through the crowds of people to get to him.

"Hey! You made it!" Dustin clears his throat before rushing to give you a big hug, pushing his face into your chest.

"Woah, Dusty. What's wrong? Where's everyone else?" You look down at him, running a hand through his hair before he pulls back to look up at you. He drops one arm from your figure, wiping his eyes.

"What? Oh the gang? They ditched me. Can you believe that?" Now Dustin had let go of you completely turning on his heels and begins walking. You look around before noticing he's walked away and you rush behind him.

"Seriously? But you just got home." You say as you trail behind Dustin quite a bit.

"You don't think I know that, y/n? Jesus, I just need to see him." You notice him walk into Scoops Ahoy and you stop dead in your traps. You take a look around the mall before waving at a few people that looked at you weirdly. You sigh before walking into Scoops, behind Dustin.

"Hi." He smiled wide looking at the girl with a name badge that read, Robin. She looked at him unamused before saying a quick "Hi" back. Dustin just looked at her with his newly toothy grin.

"I'm Dustin." He exclaims before gesturing to himself. Receiving a small smile from the girl in front of him, behind the counter.

"I'm Robin." Dustin barely let her take a breath before speaking once more.

"Pleasure to meet you. Uh is-- is he here?" He stutters over his words before Robin response, now very amused.

"Is who here?" As soon as she's asked her question, the door that leads to the back of Scoops, flies open with a rather happy Steve Harrington.

"Henderson." He says aloud before raising both hands up in the sky. Receiving a small laugh from Dustin. Dustin points towards the jumpy, antsy Steve as he comes closer to Dusty. Practically tripping over his own feet as he does so. Between the laughter of them both you hear Steve shouting, "He's back! He's back!"

"I'm back! You got the job!" Dustin moves closer to Steve.

"I got the job!" Steve throws his hands towards the Scoops Ahoy sign and register area. Trumpeting his way over to Dustin, with his hands. They do their silly little handshake. Resulting in Dustin practically stabbing Steve in the stomach with an imaginary light saber as Steve signals his hands, pretending it's his own blood spraying everywhere. They continue laughing a bit before getting cut off by Robin.

"How many children are you friends with?" She asks, partly amused. Steve looks at her, wiping his mouth before gesturing over to her while looking at Dustin. A way to say this is who he works and deals with. Steve looks over at you, the corners of his lips inching up into a wide smile. He walks over to you pulling you into a big hug. We haven't seen each other since that night Joyce finally got Will back. After that, I was hoping to stay away from what seemed to be these people's new lives. Wrapping my arms around him slowly, my grip tightens before he taps my back, pulling away.

"Ice cream anyone?" He looks between Dustin and you. Dustin's smile never failed to make you giggle. You shrug looking between Dustin and Steve.

"Of course, Harrington." You smiled towards him.

"Perfect. I'll grab you, Dustin, your banana float. And Y/N, I'll make you the only ice cream any girl falls face first for." And with that, he gestured us to sit down. He ran behind the ice cream bar, scooping our ice cream in paper bowls. You get caught up watching Steve, that when you turn to look at Dustin, he's already looking at you. He nods his head, moving his eyebrows, before making his Chewbacca noice. You laugh before hitting his arm softly.

"Yeah yeah, shut it Henderson."

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