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Thanks for tuning in to the first book I'm uploading here on Wattpad! It is based off of a devastating tragedy that happened in my family a few years back and we still feel the pain from. Some in my family had it way worse than me when this took place, so I just hope I can manage to do this story justice, especially since this is sadly the sort of story that takes place every day, especially in the middle of a pandemic killing thousands every 24 hours and having even more in that time that get exposed and infected. 

Also, I'm going to be uploading other books pretty soon. One of which is a rewrite of my debut novel I wrote when I was 12, the young-adult novel "The Blacktop Brothers", only this version is new and improved. I just have to edit it and make sure it's up to date!

I'm also planning a young-adult novel taking place during this coronavirus, titled "I Promise You'll Be Fine", and later a fantasy trilogy, the first book being called "Cerebra". I can't wait to give Wattpad a go and share all these crafts with you!

All the best,

William McGinn :)

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