three: why her?

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Four Hours Later

The trio arrived at Hogwarts ; Ginny feeling rather unhappy that she caused someone so much pain even if it was just Malfoy.

How dare he say that about my mother though, she thought, Collin was right. He did deserve it.

She entered the Great Hall , waving goodbye to Luna . who made her way to the Ravenclaw table as Ginny went to the Gryffindor table. She greeted her brother, Ron, and the rest of the Golden Trio, Harry and Hermione. They made small talk, but she could feel it. She wasn't apart of their little group, and she noticed they wanted to talk about something. Without her there.

"I'll just go now," she said, and they stayed silent. The second she was gone, she heard them whispering to each other about whatever secret mission they had. Ginny sighed.

She was used to it.

She went to go sit with Collin, who she talked with for a while. Professor Dumbledore then clapped his hands together, commanding the attention of the Great Hall. He made his speech, and soon, it was time for the Sorting Hat to place the 1st years in their respective Houses. She didn't pay much attention during the Sorting. Instead, her eyes darted around, to the different tables. And soon enough, her eyes landed on the Slytherin table. And her eyes went directly to a certain one. Draco Malfoy, of course.

She couldn't help but stare at Draco, for a while ; he was extremely good looking.

His platinum blonde hair fell infront of his piercing , grey eyes . He had a well-defined jawline and a long , silver earing hung from his left ear. He wore a necklace that was tucked beneath his shirt, and his Slytherin robes ( the dark green was definitely his colour) stuck to his sturdy chest . Anyone could see that he had lots of muscles in his arm and chest ; there was no denying that he was attractive .His lean frame stood at a staggering 6'3 - one of the tallest boys at Hogwarts .

Suddenly , he looked up and looking into the pools of chocolate which were Ginny's eyes as she gazed into his steel, grey eyes searching for any sign of emotion . His gaze softened and his face was one of admiration? His gaze, it was so incredibly tender. Ginny was stunned. Before Ginny could investigate more however, Blaise Zabini shook Draco lightly , breaking their eye contact.


Over on the Slytherin table ,Blaise lightly tapped Draco on the shoulder and he turned to Blaise .

"What is it , Blaise ?" He snapped , slightly irked that he interrupted his moment with the youngest Weasley. Moment?
No no no , Draco Malfoy did NOT have a moment with a Muggle-loving bloodtraitor. Not to mention she was a Weasley but even Draco knew that Ginny was extremely beautiful. Not that he would ever admit that. Blaise groaned.

"What?" Draco said, looking at the boy. "Ginny Weasley, really?"

"What about the Weaslette?" Draco said, pretending like he didn't know what Blaise was talking about.

"You just stared into her soul for like 5 minutes, before."
"I was not staring into her soul!"
"Ah," Blaise said, eyes glittering in delight, "So you do know what I'm talking about." Draco's eyes flashed and he conceded defeat.

"Alright, alright. I was staring at her." And after he muttered, "Damn, why does she have to be a Weasley."

Blaise rolled his eyes.

"You want to fuck her, or more than that?" Draco looked into Blaise's eyes.

"Potentially, more." He said, softly.

Again, Blaise groaned. Draco gave him a questioning glance.

"Why her? "Blaise simply stated .
"What do you mean , Zabini ? Could I perhaps have some context, if you'd be so kind?" Draco drawled.

"Why? You could have any girl you wanted. Why Ginny Weasley?"

      "Why her?"


edited: 647 words. Slightly shorter but I had so little to work with. I hope this is better than before, because before? Everything was atrocious, honestly, what was I thinking?

a/n: everything was a mess before, uh, hope the editing helps a little.

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