two: he deserved it

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Ginny slowly stood up, shaking, fist clenched so hard , they turned white, and blood boiling. Draco only sneered at her.

"What are you going to do, Weasley? Call your 6 million brothers on me ? Ooh ,I'm so scared !" His laughter echoed throughout the carriage, his head thrown back, his Adam's apple clearly visible. It made Ginny swallow, which confused her. It was only Malfoy.

Instead, she let her anger take over her.

Ginny whipped out her wand instantly.

"Shut up , Malfoy.You're not wanted here!" She snarled, her grip on her wand tightened.
"You sure about that , Weasley?" He winked at her , then chuckled at her intense blush. He abruptly stopped when he caught himself doing so. In an attempt to play it off cool, he leaned against the door, folding his arms, and his signature smirk making its way back onto his face.

"Tell me, Weaslette. How is it living with so many people in that tiny house? I would've thought your mother took up all the space." He smiled patronisingly at her. Ginny shook in anger, and then, she remembered a spell Harry taught her.

"It's a spell for enemies, Ginny. This half-blood Prince, he made up this spell. I haven't tried it yet, I intend to. Preferably on Malfoy."

"What's the spell name? It might come in handy."

"Alright, I'll tell you. It's . . ."

"Sectumsempra!" She whispered, with all her might. A spell for enemies. Malfoy was an enemy indeed. She watched, with glee, as Draco grew panicked. The smile began to drop off her face.
"Wha-?!" He  started, but didn't get to finish because the next moment, he was on the floor convulsing , blood bubbling out of his mouth. His eyes had rolled back, so that only the whites were visible.

"Ginny , what's going on? What spell was that ?" Luna cried, her voice urgent. Collin glanced up from his camera and realised what was going on.


"Harry told me it was a spell for enemies!" Ginny said , panic creeping up on her .

"What's going on in here?"Professor Snape boomed . He then saw Draco on the floor.
"What spell is it?" He asked , kneeling down on the floor next to Draco. "What spell , Miss Weasley?" He asked , panicking a little, after all, Draco did remind him of himself.
"Sectumsempra," Ginny whispered, looking at the floor, with her arms at her side.

"What?" Snape exclaimed. "How on earth did you get a hold of that spell?" He demanded, but didn't wait for her answer. He whispered the countercurse, and slowly the blood drenching Draco's white shirt began to soak up, reversing. The blood stopped bubbling from his mouth, and his eyes were back to normal. He began blinking slowly, a low moan leaving his mouth.

The sound made Ginny shiver.

"Detention , Miss Weasley !" Snape snapped, standing up, glaring at her with such intensity, she should've known to keep her mouth shut.

"Professor, that's not fair—"

"No buts , Miss Weasley !" Snape said sharply .
"He deserved it, sir."The look Snape gave her must have been deadly as she instantly closed her mouth .

"Detention for 2 months , Miss Weasley. My office tommorow at 7 o'clock sharp . Any later, and your detention will be extended. Is that understood, Miss Weasley ?" Said Snape. She nodded, slowly and Snape levitated Draco behind him, leaving, his black robes billowing behind him.

"He deserved it..." Ginny whispered as he walked out. Ginny slumped back onto her seat. How was she supposed to know that the spell did that? Damn you, Harry. And your little, half-blood Prince, she thought.

Luna looked at her, the urgency gone, and the dreamy look was back.

"You shouldn't have done that, Ginny. Not without knowing what the spell does." And with that, Luna went back to reading the Quibbler. Collin tried to cheer her up.

"If anything, Malfoy shouldn't have been provoking you like that. I think he deserved it." He said weakly. Ginny nodded, still not saying anything, wrapping her arms around her knees, hugging them, and laying her head on them.

She knew, she would not get that image, of Draco on the floor, with blood all over him, out of her head for the rest of the ride.

And as Hogwarts came into sight, she sighed. She hoped, that this year would go better. She wasn't exactly off to a stellar start.


a/n: this chapter was super short before, so I did what I could to extend it. now it's around 750, hope you enjoyed :))

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