Chapter ❶- The idea

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Juvias P.O.V.

Juvia was walking home after a job she did with Gray-sama. The job was wonderful! She and Gray-sama both worked together. Juvia was thinking about Gray-sama but she realised she had arrived at Fairy Hills. Juvia went to her room and decided to make some Gray buns. When she was done, she was satisfied of how the buns looked. But that was because they looked like Gray-sama!

Juvia went to the guild but Gray-sama wasn't there! She sadly walked back to her room in Fairy Hills

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Juvia went to the guild but Gray-sama wasn't there! She sadly walked back to her room in Fairy Hills. Juvia went inside her room and looked at Gray Buns she has made. She sighed and ate each and every one of them until the tray didn't even have a crumb left.

Juvia was thinking about Gray when Love Rival came into the picture, she then took Gray-sama away from her. Juvia could not let that happen. Juvia was thinking about ways to fix this problem and then thought of an idea.

The idea was that she could find someone besides Gray-sama that would be with Love Rival. Juvia thought it was a great idea and wanted to ask Mira about it tomorrow because she was known as the She-Devil Matchmaker and could think of a good person for Love-Rival.

That night, Juvia went to sleep happily knowing that she had found a solution that could get rid of one Love Rival but also help Love Rival with her Love Life.


Mirajane P.O.V.

I was serving people until Juvia came up to me, she looked like she was excellent mood as she was smiling at me.

"Hello Juvia!" I greeted her.

"Hello Mira! Juvia asks if you could help her with something," Juvia smiled.

"Of course! What is it?" I replied.

"Do you have any suggestions of who should date Love-Rival?" Juvia asked me.

I smiled, Juvia basically asked me who I shipped Lucy with. I already had one of my OTP ships in mind.

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