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A/N: heavily inspired by the invisible child moomin episode. there are some yugi twin interactions, but theyre in no way romantic. used to be entirely lowercase, excuse any lowercases where they shouldn't be.

- - - - -

Hanako has never been visible to normal people, it was one of the things that came along with being a supernatural. It didn't bother him of course, because his best friends could see him- well, that is until now.

A new rumour had surfaced one thursday afternoon, something that was sort of normal for the trio. The bathroom ghost didn't worry because the majority of the rumours were tiny little bothers compared to the mischief his twin brother was causing. Which was something he needed to take care of as the seventh wonder and leader of the school's supernaturals.

But the boy didnt expect that the rumour would affect him this much. It all started on friday morning, the students chatter could be heard in the halls, loudly. Some were discussing the rumour.

"Did you hear? apparently, if something happens that makes you deeply upset you will disappear." The group paraphrased and laughed, making fun of the spirit's power.

Hanako sighed and continued walking- more like floating- around the halls. Yashiro wasn't there to entertain him, so he had to find something interesting to distract himself with until she came.

His eyes widened when hearing a familiar high pitched voice behind him, it was getting near. The voice was similar to his, so it could only belong to tsukasa. The younger was humming a tune innocently and gasped happily when seeing his brother alone.

"Amane, Amane, lets play!!" He jumped up and down like an excited child, well, he was a child after all.

Hanako couldn't stop shaking, it was like he was frozen in place while everything else moved on. Seeing his twin was the last thing he'd want, even if it sounded selfish.

"Ts-Tsukasa, stop."
"I dont want to. Come on, let's play Amane, like we used to."

His vibe switched to a sadistic one, as if he was ready to hurt him in the middle of the hallway.

Before he could get dragged into the empty classroom he managed to escape tsukasa's grip. He ran to his bathroom, panting, hiding in the third stall. His cold heart was beating faster than normal, he didn't know if it was from running all the way here or knowing tsukasa would look for him.

The bathroom's door opened, he curled into a ball. crying quietly to himself, wanting for the other spirit to go away so he could sob alone in his stall.

Tsukasa taunted him by knocking on the door, and loudly asking "Amane, are you there?" dragging the vowels which would've made him look childish in a way, but in this situation it was terrifying.

He guessed tsukasa just wanted to scare the living death out of him when confirming he was going out of the room. He winced when hearing the door closing loudly. Hanako sighed, still shaking from crying so much. He gulped, but the knot, twisted, on his throat remained.

The boy didn't notice his hand beginning to fade in an abnormal way for a ghost.

- - - - -

After the weekend he realised he had a problem, and also realized it was a big deal. More than he wanted it to be. His body- the one that was usually ghostly and cold- had seemingly disappeared, leaving him as his floating clothes and seal.

He didn't want the boy and nene seeing him like that, they already knew about the rumours and would question him about it... Even worse, they could go away and think of him as a coward for running away instead of fighting him. It wasn't his fault he encountered Tsukasa, not his fault.

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