one: the weaslette

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a/n: all of these characters don't belong to me. please note that the original author notes were written before i was aware of j.k rowling's transphobia. please note that i do not support her in any capacity.


It all started in Ginny Weasley's 5th year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, when Ginny was 15 years old.

Now, let me tell you a bit about Ginerva Weasley. She was the youngest of the Weasley clan, and of course, had the same fiery spirit as the rest of them did. Ginny, however, also had the infamous temper which she had inherited from her mother. Let's just say, a run-in with Ginny when she was angry would not go well.

Ginny was also rather attractive , she just didn't know it. The boys, however, did.

She was 5'7 - with long ,wavy,auburn hair cascading down her back ; her large , chocolate eyes underneath her long,curled eyelashes. Faded orange freckles were smattered across her face (and body). Her clothes clung to her petite frame like a second skin - showing off her curves and well-developed body from playing Quidditch. Despite being average height, her frame was still much, well, smaller than others.

Perhaps it was the flatter chest, which she had always hated. Most girls had bigger breasts, but nope, not her.

Despite that, Ginny was rather desired, and sought out. She could have easily had a boyfriend - all the boys in Hogwarts longed to be her lover , much to Ron's displeasure, but alas, she just wasn't interested . 

She used to believe she was in love with Harry Potter , The Boy Who Lived and Saviour of the Wizarding World , but now she realised she was just infatuated with him . Now , Ginny no longer liked Harry as more than a brotherly figure in her life. She simply assumed that he thought of her as Ron's baby sister, as he always did.

Little did she know , he loved her, very much, and he would cause problems for her in the future .


Ginny entered her carriage on the Hogwarts Express and was greeted by her two best friends. Sitting on the closest seat to the door, was a blonde-haired boy. When the sun hit his hair, it reflected several shades of gold.

Collin Creevey , 5th year Gryffindor and photographer,  has been one of Ginny's best friends since her 2nd year . He , like the other boys , also had a crush on Ginny and had told her so but she didn't return the feelings so they remained friends . He was good looking , she could admit , his blonde hair pushed back out of his crystal blue eyes and a smile that could melt your heart . He was your conventional heartthrob, one who was hiding his heartache. Ginny didn't notice the way his face crumpled when she rejected him. She didn't realise how badly she had crushed him.

Later on, she would. But not now. Ginerva was naive like that, she didn't notice. Did not want to notice. She smiled at Collin, waving at him.

Collin waved back at her and Luna simply just sat there , reading the Quibbler. Luna Lovegood was also one of Ginny's close friends . They had become friends in 3rd year when someone called Luna 'Loony Lovegood'. Ginny didn't like that. She came and made sure those Slytherins never bothered Luna again. Somewhere along the way, she had befriended the girl.

Luna, like the other two, was also a 5th year Ravenclaw. Now, if Collin was conventional, Luna was anything but. She came off quite ... eccentric but she was a good friend . And hey, she gave good advice.

Luna had her white hair in a ponytail and her eyes moved as she read her paper. So wonderfully blue, her eyes were.

The type of blue eyes Ginny would've loved to have when she was younger. She remembered going to the mirror, and she had picked up a strand of her red locks. She'd grimaced, and wished and wished that she could have blonde hair and blue eyes. She wished and wished that the silly, little freckles that dusted her nose and cheeks would go away as she went older.

Neither wish never came true.

Without looking up, "Hello, Ginny! So lovely to see you, I still cannot believe we're staring our 5th year. We have our OWLS this year. Time has gone so fast. Must be the Nargles." Luna said. Ginny nodded along, she had learnt not to ask. Finally, Luna glanced up at Ginny and said, "Do you think you're ready?" She said softly, in the same dreamy tone as always.

Ginny slipped next to her, curling up comfortably on the seat. "Ready as I'll ever be. I hope," She smiled at Luna, who returned the smile. Ginny turned to Collin, who was fiddling with his camera and opened her mouth to say something. She was cut short when the door slammed open and in a few strides, the intruder was in front of her.

"Well , well ,well . It seems the Weaselette here is ready for her exams." The voice said, laced with sarcasm. "How wonderful."

She looked up only to see Draco Malfoy towering over her , a triumphant smirk plastered on his face and his stormy eyes narrowed, focusing solely on her .

Oh, shit.


a/n: there. the newly improved, edited version. just over 740 words, minus this note. the original chapter was only 300 so this is certainly an improvement . long story short, i edited this when i was sleep deprived and ... you get this. also, ginny was originally 5'2 and draco was 6'2. he would've absolutely crushed her, so i hope 5'7 is more sensible. that's all :))

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