Chapter 18

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kingina... ano ba mas okay, malaking dede o maliit na dede?

"Yeah it's Engineer Legaspi. Set up an appointment with me and Mr. George Stewart tomorrow morning. Tell him that I have some things to personally say regarding the completion of the construction before I fly back to Philippines," walang buhay na sabi ko sa sekretarya ni George bago tinapos ang tawag.

I massaged my head before leaning on the veranda. This work is draining the shit out of me. However, I'd still allow it to drain me out if it means that I can see my woman after by finishing this work earlier.

Pagod kong inisang lagot ang alak na nasa baso ko. I frowned when a specific unknown number texted me. This number keeps on bugging my phone.

Hey baby. Why aren't you attending to my calls and texts? I just wanted to talk to you before I'll see you when you come home here in the Philippines.

The fuck? I'm not her fucking baby goddamn.

I read another one.

I'm Nadia Losvantes. Didn't your mom tell you about me? I mean... she told me that you're single and available. Why not try to date you, right? I saw you on some magazine, I liked you since then and I am so excited to meet you.

My jaw clenched when I remember the name that my mom said before I boarded the plane. Nadia? The daughter of my father's business partner? I gripped the glass tightly. My Mom is now persistent to divert my attention to other women instead on focusing on Yasmin, huh? She even gave my damn number to that woman.

I scoffed when she sent me a picture of herself. She's in her silky green robe. The shoulder blazes are pulled down, revealing too much of her cleavage. And her eyes are darkly staring at the camera as if seducing, biting her lower lip. I'm not fucking gonna lie. She's pretty.

But no one compares to Yasmin.

This woman knows her angles. But it's not worth her shot on me. I'm more than satisfied with my woman.

I shook my head and blocked her number. If I fly back home and she's there, I'll rip her throat and shred her to pieces if she even tries something that could destroy my relationship with Yasmin.

The doorbell rang so I placed the glass on the table and walked to open it. "Hey handsome," I frowned when the woman who lives on the other room stands in front of me, beaming. I can't even count how many times she tried to throw herself to me before.

I gave her a blank look.

"You're still going to decline me if I properly ask you to fuck me, right?" She looked hurt but that won't take effect.

I clenched my jaw and removed her hands when she tried to touch my chest. "Find another man to fuck,"

She pouted showing me her skimpy outfit, showing me her cleavage. These girls keep on showing skin. What the fuck is their problem?

"I want you! You always treat me so coldly. But baby don't you want to feel how good-

Nagtagis ang bagang ko. "Leave, now,"

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