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"Here you go, miss. One iced dark choco with chocolate chips, and one coffee with whipped
cream. The food will be served anytime soon."

"Okay thank you so much."

The waitress then walks away, and I'm alone with a sweet drink in front of me. I almost forgot that Yoongi was away to the bathroom I swear to god this guy—

I have to make a phone call I don't care.


"Yes babe?" -Yoongi

"Oh my god thank goodness you answered. I was just making sure that you didn't pass out in the restroom. What took you so long? Are you pooping?"

"No. I'm actually fixing my hair." -Yoongi

Okay I may be tripping, but I didn't heard any sounds of the toilet flushing or sound of the restroom's door open and shut. All I heard is... wait, is he at the street??

"Yoongi where are you??"

Nope. I am not tripping. I can hear the sound of tires screeching clearly and followed by the eardrum slaughtering sound of the cars' honk.

"In the restroom of course." -Yoongi

Damn... all men do is lie.

"That's cute. And I feel amazingly dumb to actually believe you."

There's that adorable, nervous chuckle of his which gives such music to my ear.

"Okay first of all, I did go to the restroom alright? Only then I snuck out without your knowing." -Yoongi

I take a closer look at my iced chocolate just to make sure the ice cubes are still there. Then I focused back on my boyfriend. "Where to??"

"Sorry can't tell. It will ruin the surprise." -Yoongi

Surprise? Wait what?

"Surprise? What surprise? Yoongi I swear to sunshine if you're giving me a very dumb excuse to visit that pet shop again I—"


Alright. He hung up. Great. Fantastic of a baby. Okay, Yoongi just go and do whatever that you're doing. I'll be here quenching my thirst with my one and only sweetheart iced chocolate.

"Hi excuse me miss."

Where's that voice coming from?

"Oh hi! Sorry I didn't realized you were behind me. I thought you were talking to someone else. Eheh~"

I'm so good at being naturally dumb.

"It's okay."

The young woman be letting out her adorable little laugh at me. I gotta say, I hate it when people chuckle especially girls because it sounds like they're faking it. Well- okay it's just my excuse to make me feel better because I have a very ugly laugh and sometimes it makes people around me wondering if I'm actually a male before. What can I say? I used to participate in every sports festival back in high school and I screamed and yelled a lot more than I actually playing.

"So, I'm sorry to bother you, miss. We are currently held a fundraising for children who are suffering from cancer, so it would be such a great honor if a kind lady like you to help us through donation."

Ah... this whole fundraising thing all over again. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying that I'm against this whole stuff, but... safe to say, I almost fell for a scam not just once but twice. And the situation is exactly the same. For fundraising purposes. To make long story short, after I donated with such huge amount of money and guess what? That heck of a so-called fundraiser visited a shop and used my money and probably other people's money as well to buy a lottery ticket. My mistake. LOTTERY TICKETS. It's plural.

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