Consorts and The Future Empress?

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Sorry for the late update! I just realize I used Lily as one of Prince Alexander's consort which is the same name as Tim's little sister and Nicholas's childhood friend and I don't think I will change it as that name is quite common tbh so do note that these two Lily are different girls to begin with.

Also, something came up and the story might have a bit delay as it might end in the early June instead. But it is going to end soon, I hope . Enjoy.... :)


After my meeting with the prince, Sir Nicholas set out to do his duties separately while I was actually looking forward to the Annual Harvest Festival which would proceed in 5 days and will last for a week as the first day marks the opening ceremony, three days after that a feast is held in the town where the commoners can eat and drink to their liking.

The fifth until the last day is then when the ball in the palace is being held. It is said that the Crown Prince identity would be revealed on the last day of the festival as they said, 'Save the best for the last'.

Because of that, Prince Alexander has gotten busy however his consorts as they are not invited to the festival have plenty of time hence they decided to invite me for a tea party.

He did say to become friends with them, plus I'm curious about the ladies.

Right now I was on the way to the imperial garden again and heard some noises when I saw in one the pathways was Aria and Lily but there was another lady that was breathtakingly beautiful.

I realize I haven't gotten a picture of Aria and Lily so here it is:

Aria should be something like this but more mature per say as this might be her during her younger days

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Aria should be something like this but more mature per say as this might be her during her younger days.

While this is Lily, the cute youngster.

The lady was graceful even when standing that one could tell she was a noble born in the higher ranks that wore clothes that were made for her.

She had red hair that goes until her waist while her eyes were that of a golden colour. Pale white skin complementing her red lips, she had a cool and refined aura which reminded me of a beautiful flower covered in thorns perhaps... a rose? Noble and elegant that is also hurtful.

 a rose? Noble and elegant that is also hurtful

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Beautiful lady is like the one above.

Aria as usual was arguing with the lady but her hostile was in a higher level than that she displayed yesterday against me. One could see how emotional Aria was as Lily tried to calm her down but failed to.

As I went nearer to the ladies, I could see Aria's eyes were covered in deep jealousy and remembered this was one which I could see in Mary's eyes whenever she was looking at Anna.

My hunch was proven right when I heard the beautiful lady saying, "Although I am his fiancé as of now, I do hope you can keep yourself restrain when I enter the household in the future Lady Aria. It is unsightly when one is lost in their jealousy".

Aria stayed still hearing that word and looked as if someone slapped her face.

And then with her enchanting voice said, "I am already more noble than you Lady Rose. It's you who is unsightly for trying to steal someone's husband".

"And yet you are not his main wife. What a pity Princess", so this was the infamous Lady Rose, daughter to the Grand Duke Chaplin (I lost ideas on naming characters lately). Truly, she is quite the match for Prince Alexander.

As if something snapped, Aria tried to attack Lady Rose and broke free out of Lily's hold.

Having seen enough, I step in time to stop Aria from landing a slap on Lady Rose and glare at her.

"Mind your manners Lady Aria. This is the future wife for Prince Alexander and someone that will be higher ranking that you so know your place", I gave my most intense glare and exert a bit of force which made Aria flinch as she tries to get out of my hold.

Only after a moment did I let her go and turn to face Lady Lily, "I thought we were having tea in the garden? Why are you two still standing here and bothering this lady?"

Lily gave a guilty look before looking at Aria with a glance and said, "We were just on our way when we saw Lady Rose came out from the palace and thought to greet her".

As Lily reminded myself of Flora a bit, I have a vague idea of what happen seeing how she tried to stop Aria.

So I replied, "I see." It was then that I turn towards Lady Rose and my oh my, she was more beautiful up close that I find myself staring before I could compose myself.

"Lady Rose is it? I heard your chat just now and I hope you forgive me for eavesdropping. My name is Jade, daughter to Duke Smith from Zurich Empire. Please to meet you milady", I gave a humble bow to show my courtesy.

"I see... I've heard about you from my father. Please to be acquainted Dame Jade. I hope we can see each other more often after this", Rose gave a beautiful smile as she offered a hand shake and I also smiled when I heard her call me by the knight's title Dame. It seems she did her research.

"It would be my pleasure milady", I accepted her handshake.

She then turn to excuse herself leaving us and that was when Aria turn to leave ignoring Lily's call.

Lily turn to give an apologetic look saying, "I am sorry Lady Jade. Perhaps we can meet in another day?"

I gave an understanding look. "It's alright. I still have time to spare. I look forward to meeting you again".

With that Lily gave one last apology before leaving and chasing after Aria.

Lily... even their name was the same, were all Lily like this? Innocent and naïve. No wonder men seem to fall for them.

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