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Ever since they didn't see each other, Anne was all blue. Even in the morning when sun rose well, all she ever felt was longing...for him.

It's already afternoon, of her last day, yet all she had done was sitting down outside her home and stare at the hopping toads, looking aghast.

'It's your last hour.' The rabbit sat beside her and was apprehensive of what might actually happen to them in an hour.

'Am I sick in love, Mrs. Hop? Have I been awful loving someone?' The questions she ever asked but never answered herself.

'You aren't. But sitting here without doing anything when at all you knew someone's doomed in love might sound pathetic.'

'Then what should I do?' And bit her lip.

'Ask yourself what do you think would he do.' The rabbit replied. Anne was left thinking. 'Well, maybe, he should be coming back here.'

'Exactly.' Now the witch was confused.

'Well, guess who's coming.' The rabbit spoke. All of a sudden they heard a gallop of deer. And it seemed to be towards them.

Charles has come back, just the way she thought he would be, riding on the deer.

Anne never felt her heart ever beat that fast, nor ever smiled that welcoming.

'Well, I guess it'll be a nice thing to ride on a trip into the woods before my lady leaves me.' He offered his hand to the witch, with his most gentle smile.

Anne was pleasured to accept the gentleman's offer and mounted on the deer.

'Giddap!' Charles coaxed the animal to start its way.

The rabbit stayed at the house, and had her last look at the home she grew up in, with tears in her eyes thinking of the memories she and Anne ever did. But she remained optimistic that the witch is happier than she ever was, eventhough she knew that she wouldn't come back at all and everything will be gone for time has come closer.

Charles was perhaps the happiest man, and Anne was the luckiest for ever having him. But they two, knew they wouldn't last long.

When they reached the woodland brook, Anne touched the animal's hip telling her to stop. The time has come to an end.

'There's something that I wanna say.' There's nothing she could think of doing, but feeling the warmest emotion she ever wanted—that Charles made her feel.

The young man faced her with a smile on his face, without knowing anything truely melancholic.

Anne put her hands on his face with her most gentle comfort, not minding her tears falling fast.

'You are the most precious thing I ever wished for. And you made me feel the most precious lady in the world.' The young man was rather delighted for such wonderful words. He wiped her tears delicately and landed a kiss on her lips—with his kindest approach.

Anne coaxed the deer again, but this time it's to make it jump over the stream. The animal took its leap, while Anne was still kissing the young man—and watching him turn into dusts while her tears dropped.

One tick of a clock rang in her mind. She thought, he is probably her dearest creation. Making him out of woods to feel the love she craved for, is worthy enough to be gone for.

The air was filled with fine dusts that fell into the water brightly like a gleam of the moon. The deer landed softly over the stream, with cold breeze cooling everything, it had to go back with noone riding on.


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