•I really, really like you•

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The shrill voice piercing the morning air verified my thoughts; the morning wasn't going to be a pleasant one.

Without bothering to open my eyes, I already knew who was around and why the person determined to scream her head off.

Her yells, threats and profanities were justified alright, I was in her boy toy's bed after all, but that didn't mean I appreciated it. I already felt crappy enough as it was, I didn't need a raving banshee to add to the throbbing headache that was already killing my head.

I reluctantly opened my eyes, still feeling groggy and grumpy, the scene not far away from me was one for sore eyes.

"Is this how you plan on getting back at me ehn?! Akin we both know you're better than this. This is so fucking damn low! Even if you want to stoop to this level, Akin it shouldn't have been that bitch! Akin this is unheard of! Akin fucking say something. Akin!!!"

On the Wednesday morning, Principal Lawrence Elizabeth, in her pristine business suit was holding on to Mr. Akin Balogun, the physics teacher's shirt and accusing him of infidelity in the staff quarters.

Isn't that wonderful?

I didn't move an inch partly because I knew that aggression would immediately be transferred to me but mostly because I really wanted to see Badoo's reaction.

I waited and waited but Badoo didn't move. He just kept staring at the ranting woman and since his back was to me, I couldn't tell what his expression looked like.

When I got tired of waiting, I dragged myself up the bed and gave a lazy yawn and as expected, the hag shot forward to pounce on me, only to be stopped by Badoo just as she was about to tear me to pieces.

Her eyes went round when they fell on his rough hold on her as he yanked her away from my vicinity. I felt unlucky for not having a phone around to film the first-class drama.

"Don't create a scene here," Badoo whispered harshly, "nothing, in the manner of what you're insinuating happened between us. Now get out."

She seemed too shocked to move, I had begun to worry if she had come in contact with some form of electricity unbeknownst to us as was being electrified but in the end, she shot a glare my way and gave a nod so sharp that I heard the sound of it cutting through the tense ambience.

"Good luck proving that to the board. Have a nice day." With that, she whirled around and left through the open doorway.

It wasn't until then that I realised that she hadn't come alone, hot cop was with her and the look in his eyes when it locked with mine was why I'd been trying to steer clear of him from the onset.

I groaned loudly and face palmed myself. 

The day wasn't going to be a nice one. I was sure.


By lunch break, when I was finally summoned to the principal's office at lunch break, the entire school had caught wind of the 'illicit' affair between Badoo and I.

Needless to say, a lot of taunts and snide comments were hauled my way. Everyone who hadn't an excuse to openly abuse me previously now found one and they all couldn't be more happy. Students and teachers alike, none of them held back with the insults. 

It was sad that a little rumour like that could cause such an uproar, but what was even more sad was the fact that the people that were currently having the time of their life casting stones had a lot of dirty laundry in my cupboard, begging to be aired.

Although all the curses and hate didn't affect me one bit, like the continuous hum of a mosquito that'd repeatedly escaped death, it irritated me no end.

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