Chapter 9

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                I know what they’re thinking. Why did I dye my hair back to black and blonde? Why did I cut it? What am I doing? I doubt I will see him again… but maybe he will remember me completely... Is that stupid? Is it really just wishful thinking? I hate this… the ache in my heart doesn’t leave me anymore. Before last night, I could just push it deep down inside me. Now… I can’t even do that…

                “Shane?” Alexander looks at me, concerned.

                “I’m okay, I promise,” I smile back at him, attempting to reassure him. Of course, he doesn’t believe it. Joshua and Alexander are the only two people that could see right through me. I don’t know why I thought I could lie to him…

                “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Shaney. He’ll come back, don’t worry,” he smiles at me. Somehow that makes me feel a little bit better, but only for a second. Joshua isn’t like most people. He’s not just going to come back so easily… right? I don’t want to get my hopes up.

                Suddenly, Alexander grabs my hand so fucking tightly; I thought it was going to fall off. I glance over at him. His face lost all color and he’s shaking uncontrollably.

                “Alexander?” I ask him. No reply, but then he points at something. When I look, the sight is petrifying. At the far end of the store, there’s a black haired boy, just staring at us. His eyes are bloodshot, his face as white as snow. He almost looks dead. I start walking closer to him, to get a better look, but when I do, he backs away. I start running towards him, but then I stop. I don’t know why I stopped. I was going to keep going, but it’s like something pulled me back. I stare intently at him. He then pulls his hair over his eyes. Oh my God. Taylor?!

                “What do you want?!” I yell. People are staring at me like I’m crazy. He doesn’t answer me, but his lips curl into that same dark smile. His hand moves upward and he forms a gun out of his fingers, then pretends to shoot me. The trauma comes back to me and I start shaking violently. He shot Joshua…

                Suddenly, he runs away as Alex, Steven, Ashton, and Alexander come over to me. I grab my bangs tightly and hang my head, closing my eyes tightly. I scream. It’s piercingly loud.

                “OH FUCK, JOSHUA!” I scream, “YOU SHOT JOSHUA!!” the tears form in my eyes. He shot him. Twice, in the shoulder and then… I don’t know. I can’t get to him. Taylor’s pulling me away from him! I NEED TO GET TO HIM! Don’t die, Joshua!

                “Shane! Calm down! Joshua isn’t here! We’re in Wal-Mart!!” I can barely hear Steven tell me.

                I stand up and look around. Where did that bastard go?! I have to catch him! He has Joshua! I dart towards the direction he ran off in.

                Steven’s POV

                “I saw him!” Alexander frantically tells us.

                “Who did you see, Alexander?” Alex raises an eyebrow.

                “T-Taylor… I saw him. I showed Shane and he saw him too!! Shane is following him!”

                “Steven, stay here with them, I’ll go take a look,” Alex says to me, which causes me to look at him like he’s insane. Alex runs off anyway. That prick.

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