Chapter 1- Snow Queen (3)

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             The high school principal was known throughout the academy as a shrewd and playful. He has been a part of the student’s success, though they undergo a series of misfortune planned and manipulated by him. Despite his weird attitude he is always on the look-out for the whole student’s well being.

            “I’ve never been called to the principals’ office before.” Lean started as she kept her pace with the others.

            “Me either.” Both Axel and Risa agreed. They all looked at Ran who is walking right in front of them and just keeping quiet.

            “What about you Ran?” Risa asked looking into what seems an endless hallway.

              “I’m a daily visitor in that old man’s office.” Ran said calmly turning around and giving them all a reassuring.

             “Do you think we’re going to get into trouble?” Lean asked holding Risa’s hand as they stood in front of the door that leads to the principals’ office.

             “We’re about to find out.” Risa answered and opened the door.

                The principal’s office is a large room filled with antic thing-a-majigs. It was like entering a museum, there were antic thingy’s from all over the world. The principal’s table is found at the middle of the room, standing behind it is a large book shelf filled with ordinary to rare books. The room is well lighted by five windows, 3 on the right and 4 on the left. The floor is well carpeted and the exquisite designs of the furniture’s make it the more alluring to anyone who enters. As they near the table there was one book  that caught Risa’s attention, she was about to say something when the principal, sitting comfortably in his chair, started talking.

                “Lean Solstice, Ran Masters, Axel Cains and Risa Saint-Clair, I am assigning you a part-time job.” The principal said.

                “Did you just say a part-time job?” Lean asked, confused written all over her beautiful face.

                “Yes Ms. Solstice, a part-time job.” The principal answered.

                “What for?” Ran asked eyeing the principal suspiciously.

                 “Mr. Masters, I am giving you this job because I have a felling that you can handle this job perfectly.”

                 “Mr. Sheldon, what is this part-time job you are talking about?” Risa asked, worried at the principal’s answer.

                  “I am glad you asked that question Ms. Saint-Clair,” Mr. Sheldon stood up from his chair and looked outside his window. The view of the high school department’s garden was in view, students were already walking pass by the place as they exited the academy. “The job I am offering you is to monitor everything in the school.” He said nonchalantly.

                “What?!” Axel burst out, looking towards the other three, who are also dumbfounded by what the principal said.

               “That’s right; you will patrol the halls after school hours and when you decided that it the coast is clear you may go home.” Mr. Sheldon turned to face the four students who are still gaping at the thought of patrolling the school at night. “You are also to assist the teachers in the crisis that has risen or will rise in this school.”

             “You may not have heard what I just said Mr. Sheldon, so I repeat, what?!” Axel was getting suspicious of the odd job that the principal had given them.

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